Knee pain is a common problem that often has various causes. It can be a symptom of acute injuries or complications to serious medical conditions. This type of pain may also come in two different forms: localized and radiating. Localized pain involves a specific area while radiating ache tends to diffuse throughout the knee.

Whatever your case may be, the fact remains that you shouldn’t have to endure it for long. There are a lot of home remedies you can try to achieve a fast and safe knee pain relief.

  1. Avoid Rest Too Much and Do Some Exercises

This may sound counterintuitive but resting too long can actually make your knee pain worse. This is because too much rest can weaken your muscles and, in turn, can worsen the knee pain.

Alternatively, experts recommend doing some cardio exercises to strengthen the muscles and boost your flexibility in the process. It also ensures that your muscles are strong enough to support your knee properly. What you need to understand is that there are certain exercises that should be avoided, so it is best to consult a physical therapist when experiencing knee pain.

  1. Follow RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation)

Medical practitioners strongly recommend RICE treatment for knee pain caused by arthritis flares, sprains and strains. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Rest, in this case, means you just should not exert too much effort on the injured knee while ice means you should apply a cold compress. Compression also helps improve knee pain, so make sure you have a compressive bandage handy. You should also elevate your leg to remove pressure from your knee while you’re recuperating.

  1. Practice Tai Chi
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Tai Chi, a form of exercise that originated in China, can improve your flexibility and balance. It can also increase your range of motion and help you cope with chronic pain mentally. Because of its wide range of benefits, tai chi is considered a viable pain relief option for people suffering from knee pain caused by medical conditions like osteoarthritis.

  1. Use Herbal Ointments

Topical ointments, especially ones containing cinnamon, mastic, ginger, and sesame oil, can be a great way to alleviate knee pain. In fact, some researchers attested to the effectiveness of this salve formulation and confirmed that it is as effective as other arthritis creams that can be bought over-the-counter which contains salicylate.

  1. Manage Your Weight

Sometimes, it pays to be watchful of one’s weight. This is because the excess weight is carried by your legs and is thereby considered a risk factor for knee pain.

Because of this, weight management is considered a great way to reduce pressure on your injured knee. It is also beneficial for people suffering from conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. It also helps prevent further damage for people with acute injuries like broken bones, torn ligaments, or a meniscal tear.

  1. Try Acupuncture

China is home to a lot of alternative treatments that have been proven effective for knee pain. This includes acupuncture. By inserting needles into key points in the body, an expert in acupuncture can balance the flow of energy in the body. Undergoing such treatment has been known to be effective for alleviating many forms of pain, including knee pain.

  1. Try Taking Dietary Supplements
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There are a lot of supplements available in the market that promise relief from joint pains, but not all of them were created equal. One joint health supplement garnered a good review from because of how it maximized the power of five key ingredients: curcumin, Bioperine, Boswellia, Cissus quadrangularis, and ginger root extract.