In most cases, food is the main source of tooth staining, and some specific drinks and diet that we consume leave a soiled toll on our teeth.

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Tooth stains can be removed if you follow all the necessary guidelines to take care of them.

Here are seven tips that can help you avoid tooth stain and flaunt your beautiful smile.


  • Brushing your teeth will save your teeth from getting stained.
  • The food particles get mixed saliva and form a layer on the teeth which leave a stain; the best way to avoid this is brushing regularly.
  • Electric brushes are said to be more effective, but the way you brush is more important than which brush you are using.
  • Don’t brush too fast this will make your gums weak, brush in a circular motion and take at least 2-3 minutes.
  • Change your toothbrush every second or third month, the damaged bristles of the toothbrush is harmful to your teeth and gums.
  • Parents must check children who eat junk food and make them brush every night before going to sleep.


  • Floss before going to bed, even after brushing your teeth you are still at risk of forming stains between your teeth.
  • It happens because the food particles remain stuck in-between your teeth.
  • Flossing reduces plaque which could later form stains.
  • There are different kinds of floss available, minted and layered with fluoride can reach down to areas where a toothbrush cannot touch.
  • If you have braces on you can use super floss, its material is different as compared to normal floss.
  • It cleans around the braces where nylon floss doesn’t reach.
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  • Rinse after every meal with water or use a good mouth wash.
  • Select a mouth wash that has an antibacterial action, and this acts fast against stains.
  • Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide is a very effective way to lighten tooth stains.
  • Always consult your dentist before buying any high chemical containing mouth wash.
  • Salt also acts as anti-bacterial, if you want a quick rinse then just put a tablespoon of salt in water and use it.


  • When it comes to toothpaste selection, choose a fluoride one if you have sensitive teeth.
  • Whitening toothpaste that is free of abrasives is a good choice.
  • Never use products that harm the tooth enamel because of their unsafe properties.



Tooth strips are very useful when you are in a place where you cannot rinse or brush and need to clean your teeth.

Works like packing tape, they are peroxide dipped, and if you leave it on your teeth for a while, they will get whiter.

Your dentist might dispense with using certain strips and other products to use at home, use it carefully and read the instructions first.



Food that stains your teeth or discolors your teeth should be cut.

Tea and coffee

Sodas and Soft drinks

Bottled fruit juices


Soy sauce

Sugary food

Tea, coffee

When tannins start building up on your tooth enamel, they leave a stain behind.

Having these drinks in a limited way can help you avoid stains.

People who are chain smokers are prone to teeth stains than the rest, and nicotine causes the color change of the teeth.

Repeated exposure to nicotine also causes weak gum issues.

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Toothpaste specially designed for smokers can help you to reduce the stains if you brush regularly.

Brushing will keep your teeth away from the tar and chemical deposition on your teeth.

The food color present in soy sauce, curry and bottled juice also leads to tooth stain and the best way to avoid it is by brushing after every meal and using a mouthwash.



Going to your dentist regularly is the best option to avoid tooth stain.

It’s not necessary to visit your dentist only when you have tooth issues, and dental hygiene should be treated equally like other health problems.

There are professional treatments if you want to avoid tooth stain.

Sometimes hormonal issues can also lead to teeth staining, and your dentist would recommend a professional advanced cleaning way for it.

Do-it-yourself products are easily available in the market, which saves your time and gives good results.

Home remedies are also quite useful, baking soda mixture and hydrogen peroxide act fast against tooth stains.

Make sure to use this paste only one or two times per week, overuse of this paste causes enamel erosion.

Activated charcoal can also prevent the subtle and slow teeth stains.


To assess your oral health is very important to avoid bacteria and tooth decay.

These extrinsic tooth stains can make you lose confidence, and the only way to get away with it is to treat them on time.

Tooth staining occurs slowly and becomes hard to get rid of, daily brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouth wash will save from it.

If you are used to chewing gum, replace it with a sugar-free one, sugar triggers the decay process and leaves stains behind.