Like most people, the prospect of having a dental procedure done is usually more likely to cause you stress and anxiety due to the financial aspects of it, rather than physically enduring the procedure itself. Well worry not, as there are numerous ways that you can dramatically reduce your dental expenses, you just have to take a proactive approach to it. In the article below we have taken the time to compile a list of the top 7 ways that you can reduce your dental procedure costs. Please continue to read on for more information.

The Top 7 Ways to Reduce The Cost of Your Dental Procedure 

1. Enroll in a Government Program – The government offers reduced rate dental procedure programs for families and individuals with lower incomes. If you think you might qualify for one of these programs then be sure to contact the appropriate government agency so that you can apply for enrollment. These government programs can assist dental patients in lowering their dental procedure costs paid out of pocket by a substantial margin. In cases where a person is unemployed, disabled, or severely impoverished the government may even be willing to cover 100 percent of the dental procedure costs. Seniors also frequently qualify for these reduced rate dental programs that are run by the government, especially in regards to denture related dentistry.

2. Enroll in a Membership Plan – Many dentist offices in this day and age offer membership programs. These programs benefit individuals that spend a lengthy period of time enrolled at a specific dental clinic. The longer you are enrolled with the clinic and the more often you visit, the more reward points you will receive. These reward points can usually be used to get discounted dental care, free cleanings, free x-rays, and more. Some dental clinics offer these membership programs for free, while others charge a small annual or monthly enrollment fee. Be sure to ask your local dentist office of choice if they have a membership program.

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3. Make Use of the Internet – The internet offers users hundreds of tools that can help them find the cheapest local dentistry services in their local area. Many of these advanced tools have strong filters on them that can allow a user to search for a service based on cost, location, service rating, and other important categories that allow users to narrow down their searches. Even if you aren’t specifically looking for services based on cost, these website-based or app-based tools can help you find the highest rated and most trustworthy dentistry services in your area, ensuring that you don’t get stuck with a dentistry service that has a poor or terrible reputation.

4. Teledentistry – Thanks largely to technological advancements in IT technologies, a new form of dentistry has emerged. Teledentistry involves a patient getting a diagnosis, evaluation, or follow-up meeting with a dentist by way of video conferencing. This practice can greatly reduce the costs of a dental procedure, especially pre, and post-procedural costs. Dentists are even allowed to issue prescriptions based on video evaluation, where they electronically send the prescription to your local pharmacy of choice. Teledentistry is not only substantially cheaper than taking a trip to the dentist, but it will save you on commuting costs and missed work. Another great advantage to using teledentistry is that often times patients are in too much pain or are too uncomfortable to make the journey all the way to their local dentist office. So not only is teledentistry a cost-saving option but it is also a lot more convenient and comfortable for both the patient and the dentist.

5. Visit a Nonprofit Organization – Many local nonprofit organizations offer free or reduced rate dental care for homeless or very low-income patients. These programs are run by charities, churches, and the government in most cases. While the dental care offered may not quite be up to par with the care offered at a private commercial clinic, it is still state regulated and required to offer at least the minimum level of service required by any licensed dentistry service in your area. Visit your local government office to find out what nonprofit run dentistry services are available within your area.

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6. Take a Trip to Abroad – Did you know that in places like Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines you can get a dental procedure done for 80-90 percent cheaper than what you would pay in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe? Every year millions of “dental tourists” travel abroad in order to save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on otherwise expensive dental procedures. Some of these procedures include dental implants, full dentures, tooth extractions, and other higher end or extensive work. Many companies have sprung up around the world that help tourists locate a suitable and trustworthy dental care provider abroad, and then schedule all of the travel and airfare for the customer. Dental tourism should be done smartly and along with a lot of due diligence, however, as dental standards can vary greatly abroad when compared to standards within your own country.

7. Visit a University-run Dental Care Clinic – One of the easiest ways available that will lower the costs of a dental procedure is to visit a dental care clinic that is associated with a credible dental school. These clinics offer reduced rate dental care as the practicing dentistry staff are students seeking hands-on training and experience. Some of these clinics even offer free x-rays, free or reduced-fee cleanings, and other great incentives to visit. If you are concerned to have a dental procedure done by a student dentist, then do not worry, as fully licensed dentists are on sight to assist and give advice when needed.

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