Credentialing and enrolling with legislative and commercial payers are amongst the tough aspects of operating or beginning a medical practice for physicians. Without the right credentialing, you can’t ace in your field.

Furthermore, credentialing is also necessary to ensure that regulations and licenses are compatible in order to keep on serving a particular area, insurance agencies, and with licensing panels.

We offer high quality and up to the mark credentialing services for physicians through which you can easily navigate the complex processes of physician credentialing and provider enrollment within your means. Our credentialing services for physicians are extremely affordable and of superior quality. Physician credentialing is an intricate and a multi-step process. Even a meager error can cause rejection or delay in the provider enrollment.

Our efficient and first-grade experts perform Physician Credentialing with extreme precision and perfection. They make the process of enrollment easier and simpler for you by delivering top-class credentialing services.

Physician credentialing is a process of collating information of the physician about her/his certifications and qualifications by completing an application formally which undergoes verification through the information from authentic sources such as American Board of Medical Specialties.

The application form for physician credentialing

Most of the payers out there observe the physician credentialing program proposed by the Coalition for Affordable Quality Healthcare. Usually, physicians have to complete an application form which the credentialing services provider provides him/her. This application form is composed of elements like certificates, license information and practice record of past five years. Primarily, this form contains about 800 questions to be asked by the physicians.

Physician credentialing with the legislative and business payers is an extremely important yet very complex process. We do it for you in the right manner with using the accurate knowledge and latest technology as well as by taking the assistance of our proficient staff.

HIPAA compliance

We are a HIPAA compliant company catering our exceptional credentialing services to the physicians. Compliance with HIPAA saves your data from being invaded or threatened by unwanted or unforeseen attackers. We ensure complete safety and protection to the all the medical and healthcare related information.

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Perks of partnering with us

You can gain cutting-edge credentialing services by partnering with us. Additional perks of pairing up with s are as follows:

  • Time-saving approach: You can save an average of 2 months of time and more than 100 hours of work by partnering for credentialing services with us.
  • Liberate yourself from tedious form filling: collaborating with us rid you of the stress that could cause due to the whole heap of paperwork and filling limitless application forms.
  • Enhanced patient referrals: we contribute to your patient referrals. Also, through having our credentialing services, the insurance agents pay you at a quicker pace. We organize the contracts in the right way and fill the application forms in an exact manner to provide 100% satisfaction to the clients.
  • Dedicated managers: we appoint a well-skilled and devoted manager to do your projects with high precision. Our vigilant account managers keep themselves well-informed with regard to the minutiae of enrollment to Medicaid, and Medicare commercial insurance.
  • Extensive follow-ups: Pairing up with us also free you from the hassle of making phone calls, keep an eye on follow-ups, submitting all the application forms timely plus sending emails and fax whenever and wherever is required.
  • Ease of accessing the documents: you can easily access the documents pertaining to your project whenever you want. We are also capable to handle bulk orders since we are armed with a large number of qualified and well-trained team members.
  • Track and monitor your application progress: We provide our clients with online equipment to keep a track of their application all through its processing.
  • Revenue-boosting credentialing services: By having our credentialing services for physicians, you can add force to your revenue cycle and attain a smoother cash flow.
  • Up-to-date services: We keep on updating our staff and the relevant tools to deliver a high quality and up to the minute credentialing services for physicians.
  • CAQH compliance: We also maintain your CAQH profile and keep on updating it whenever there happens to be an addition to your healthcare certification, medical licensure or so. Keeping up with CAQH profile makes credentialing easier for you. Otherwise, you might have to bear a delay or a rejected application form submitted to be a credential healthcare physician. Additionally, CAQH profile demands re-attestation within every 90 days which we perform for our clients as well.
  • DEA certification: DEA registration is necessary to prescribe a controlled substance to the patients. Not every physician can prescribe controlled substance unless he/she is having the DEA certificate. In order to become a DEA certified physician, it is necessary to observe an extensive form filling process which asks you about your medical and educational background and so. It is a multifaceted form which demands ample of your time. Moreover, you also need to keep up with the renewal of the DEA certificate to be a right credential. Pairing up with us make the entire DEA certification process quite easy and stress-free for you. We do the relevant tasks on your behalf to get you the DEA certificate or to renew it. Not being a DEA certified can be a barrier in your way of being a credential physician or can cause a rejected application form.
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Fast and Hassle-free credentialing with us

We are trendsetters in the credentialing setting and love our job of delivering top of the echelon physician credentialing services.  We perform the entire process for you in a hassle-free and desirable manner to liberate you from this arduous task so you could pay heed to the care delivery and make the most out of your healthcare practice. We have been contributing to the credentialing field more than a decade and have served to a great number of physicians since then. We make credentialing fats and trouble free for the physicians.