If you have landed here, you might be looking for dental implants in Maryville TN. It is normal to lose teeth because of aging, accidents, extractions, or gum disease but dental implants can improve oral health drastically. Be it a single tooth or several teeth, you can easily replace them with dental implants. Still, confused? Scroll and know more about dental implants.


What is a Dental Implant

Dental implants are screws that are made up of titanium which is used to embed into the jawbone to the replacement of your missing teeth. Dental Implant is a metal that is made the way that will naturally tie-up to human bone. There are two other components that are involved in a dental implant.

dental implant

The second component is the abutment. This type includes a permanent cap that is installed by your dentist on the top of your implant. In the future, if you require a tooth extraction then it can be removed easily by your dentist. Once, it is implanted perfectly, the abutment obeys as a mount for your multiple fake teeth.

Thirdly, we have prosthetic teeth which are made up of zirconium or porcelain that will be custom made to fit your mouth. These materials look like real teeth and they are the most durable ones which have long-lasting materials. Whether you want a single prosthetic teet or a set of multiple fake teeth, depends on the type of dental implant that you will have.

How Dental Implant Works

As we have discussed above, There are two types of dental implants that you can have. Firstly, we will pick the endosteal implants. This endosteal implant is directly implanted into the jaw with just one surgery and then an abutment is added in a second surgery. Finally, the prosthetic tooth is added to the implant once the surgeries are completed.

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The subperiosteal implant is the other type of dental implant that consists of a metal frame and they are not implanted into the jawbone instead, these implants are surgically fitted and placed into the jawbone. 

When you are done with the Dental Implants, your second job is to take good care of them as you used to take care of your original teeth. You have to protect your artificial teeth so that you can keep away the bacteria from building up on your implants.

Why Consider a Dental Implants

There are huge benefits to having a Dental Implant. The only disadvantage of the implantation is that it requires surgery. In fact, it is said that the surgery is safe, minimal, and leaves the patients happy with giving them life-changing results.

When we use dentures, we have to constantly put them in and take them out. We have to clean them regularly and they require huge maintenance. On the other side, implants are extremely low maintenance once they are applied. Its maintenance only requires a brush and floss on a regular basis. Once they are implanted successfully, you don’t need to worry about falling off them.

Type Of Artificial Teeth That Are Used

The artificial teeth are actually called crowns. There are two types of crowns

Tooth Extractions: Tooth Extractions that have been replaced by removable teeth are artificial teeth and pink plastic gum just like dentures. They are created with a metal frame which you can attach to the implant abutment. It can be removed for cleaning like dentures but these are more secure.

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Fixed Teeth: Fixed teeth are the artificial teeth that are permanently fixed into the implant abutment individually.

Facts About Dental Implants

If you are deciding on having implants then you must know about some of the facts so that you can choose without having any kind of query.

Implanted Teeth Appears Natural:  Teeth, that are restored by implants appear like they are original. They are customized the way they look like original, fits perfectly, and they feel like your original teeth.

Good Success Rate: Most of the patients are happy with their implanted teeth. Dental implants have a huge success rate of 95%. Well, the success rate also depends upon the health of the jawbone and gums of the patients.

Missing Roots Have Been Replaced by Implants: When you have missing teeth, then a void in the jawbone must be created automatically. Most of the dental restorations focus on restoring the outer damaged portion of the enamel But Dental Implants focus on restoring the inner parts of the enamel, where natural roots have been replaced.

Improves the tooth function: If we do the permanent restorations, they help to improve the function of the teeth. 

Dental Implants Protect Healthy Teeth: When your missing teeth have been restored with the dental implants, it is a way of maintaining a healthy teeth structure. Implants help the teeth to remain healthy and functioning.

The success rate of dental implants is 98%, so you don’t have to worry about the results! If you are in Maryville TN and are looking for an Oral Surgeon in Maryville TN who can do dental implants because they are just like your own teeth and require the same care.