Not many of us know about osteopathy; it is a medicine-free treatment based on the perception that the majority of the diseases are related to musculoskeletal system problems. Musculoskeletal system includes nerves, bones, and muscles. It cures by strengthening the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

History of Osteopathy

Although the treatment is not very common, an American physician Andrew Taylor laid its foundations long ago back in 1874. He believed that the primary objective of curing disease was to restore the musculoskeletal structure and balance in the body. Therefore, he founded the first osteopathy school in 1892. In the school, he taught how you can manipulate joints and muscles, and how lifestyle changes could cure a body without any drug medication. Since then, the treatment has developed to become an effective option that substitutes conventional drug treatment.

Osteopathy in St. Petersburg

As far as Osteopathy in St. Petersburg, is concerned, it is a properly registered profession. Osteopaths are universally trained individuals who make use of manual techniques to balance and harmonize all the systems in the body. To become a qualified and registered osteopath in Saint Petersburg, you have to acquire the related degree under a five year Master’s program.

The treatments available under osteopathy in Saint Petersburg include:

  • Headaches: Generating from muscle or joint stiffness
  • Shoulder problems: These arise from consecutive hours of sitting in the same posture without any movement. Office workers usually suffer from this. They have to sit in front of their computers for long hours.
  • Asthma: Osteopathy only assists asthma symptoms and does not cure asthma itself. It can only help ease breathing and relieve muscle pain.
  • Posture cure: Posture pain occurs from incorrect sitting or walking postures
  • Spinal pain: Osteopathy is effective in treating back pains
  • Foot pain: Osteopathy methods can easily cure pain that results from overuse of muscles and joints
  • Sciatica: Along with sciatica, osteopathy can also manage some of the symptoms of arthritis
  • Depression
  • Knee pain
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Because one can only acquire osteopath qualification after proper education and registration, people have started trusting osteopaths so much that the weekly contribution to the economy of the country is huge.

When You Should Avoid Osteopathy?

In case of broken bone, dislocation, bone cancer or infection, rheumatoid arthritis and damaged ligaments, osteopathy treatments, you should not opt for this curing method. Moreover, people who suffered from some recent joint injury should also avoid it. They should rather apply for Long Term Disability benefits through an LTD lawyer in St Petersburg.

You should only take osteopathy treatments from a registered practitioner and in order to find one, you can check relevant authorities for the list of registered osteopathy centers. A quick search on Google will also provide you with a list of Osteopaths in Saint Petersburg. Check their websites, read patient reviews and then visit them personally to discuss your case. Stay safe and healthy!