Have you decided on beauty injections but confused about all these names? Let us take a closer look at two of the most popular botulinum toxin brands on the market, Botox and Azzalure, and ask a cosmetic doctor about what drug they would recommend more. We will examine their composition, areas of application, results, side effects, and price to have a comprehensible understanding of the remedies.

What are Botox and Azzalure?

You are undeniably aware of Botox – sponsor of young and smooth celebrities’ faces. It is a purified and deconcentrated botulinum toxin type A product, which, due to its antispasmodic effect, is capable of eliminating mimic wrinkles. Azzalure is its worthy analog. You could also find Azzalure, Dysport, or Botox. The first two are the same drugs of one manufacture with the only difference that Dysport is more for therapeutic purposes, and Azzalure is purely a cosmetic product.

How do they work?

As the two remedies have got a similar ingredient (botulinum) at their base, the principle of their work is the same as well. The toxin, when injected into the patient’s skin, blocks certain proteins at the membranes of the nerve endings, and they are not able to receive and react on the brain signals. This relieves hypertension in the muscles, makes them relax. In the final result, they do not contract for some time, and the wrinkles smooth out. The effect does not depend on the types of Botox (English, Non-English, etc.). The differences are just in the manufacturing country. The drug is the same.

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However, dermatologic surgeon Michael H. Gold points put that Azzalure’s radius of action is wider than Botox’s. This is beneficial for large areas injections, like forehead, because fewer injections are required, meaning that the procedure will be less painful for the patient.

Areas of application

The peculiarity of using botulinum products lies in their paralyzing ability, which may affect the mimics and make the client look like a puppet. That is why these injections are not the best solution for the area around the mouth. Moreover, they smooth just mimic and no way aging wrinkles. Neither Botox nor Azzalure can eliminate nasolabial folds, etc.

However, these injections work perfectly on the areas with active mimics without hurting natural emotional expressions of the face, like forehead, glabella area (between the eyebrows), and the under-eyes zone.

Side effects

Azzalure, Dysport, or Botox, due to their similar composition, provoke similar reactions of the organism. If you have chosen a professional cosmetic doctor, the procedure of any of these drugs injections will be safe with minor side effects. On behalf of the injection, you may feel pain in the injection site. There may be redness, bruising, or swelling. On behalf of the toxin administration, you may feel headache, dizziness, or nausea.

What is better?

Michael H. Gold, a dermatologic surgeon with many years of experience, has worked with both. This is his opinion: “In my practice, I met doctors, who preferred exclusively Botox or just Azzalure. I belong to the category, who is okay with both. The two drugs are of perfect quality and can eliminate the wrinkles on the face if administered correctly. To my mind, the key is professionalism and experience of the doctor you choose to perform the injection.”

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As practice proves, Azzalure works as good as Botox, although it is cheaper. The important thing is to dedicate your face to a real professional who knows his/her work.