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It is helpful to seek guidance from field experts in your areas, such as the leading exercise equipment store in NOLA (if you live in New Orleans). This will help you make the right pick by balancing the requirements against your budget. Apart from the guidance, it is always useful to check user scores to support your decision.

Here’s a list of some strength equipment which can meet your basic home exercise requirements.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands made of stretchable and synthetic materials are good for full-body resistance workouts. You can get a sense of the stress the body is able to cope with by measuring how many times you can perform an exercise.

Stationery Bicycle

An exercise bike which doesn’t require any specialized skills is easy to use. Cycling is good for enhancing cardiovascular safety but it does not guarantee that osteoporosis is prevented. Select a model with adjustable seat, non-slip pedals, toe clips, and handlebars so you can fix it to the highest level.

Ankle Weights

Side leg raise and hip extension are some strength exercises which use the weights of the ankles. Weight bars are placed in the ankle cuff pockets which are to be lined for comfortable wearing. You may start with a bar that weighs half a pound and increase it gradually by half a pound based on your progress. The number of cuffs is dependent on the form of workout you ‘re doing and weights of up to ten pounds are available.


Perhaps the treadmill is the most popular aerobic exercise machine you’ll encounter. The preferred choice is a motorized treadmill with a smooth surface, and the belt should be long and wide enough to match your stride. The sturdy frame and front rail allow for protection. You have to adjust the grade and speed to walk at a comfortable pace.

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Cross Country Ski Machine

Skiing helps you to simultaneously exercise the arms and legs, and the simulator helps mimic indoor action. The skis move independently in some machines while in some others you have to move one ski forward so you can get the other back on the move. Depending on the construction, the machines come in with handgrips or ropes. A wide stability footboard is a must, and you have to try out which machine you ‘re comfortable with. 

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers in their functionality are a hybrid of ski machines and steppers and which provide a circular upward and downward movement. The equipment allows exercise at low impact, which is quite gentle on the joints.

Depending on the model you can start changing the grades and resistance either automatically or manually. You can operate the upper body too by using the handgrips levers. Make sure the handlebars are safe, and the pedals with curved edges are non – slip. Test the machine ‘s stability by operating it at different velocities and grades before the selection is firm.

Hand Weights

The most popular type of weight training equipment is Dumbbells. Depending on the type of strength you currently have, weight training for hands will start from different weight nomenclatures of 8, 5 and 2 pounds. You should slowly keep on increasing the weights. Choose Dumbbells which are easy to hold with D – shaped weight bars and lined centre bards.

Stair Steppers

This is another device intended for low – impact workouts that support aerobic functions and simulates the motion of climbing up stairway flights. Although the exercise aims to strengthen the muscles of the legs while improving the circulation of blood through the body, you can also use it for arm exercises by selecting a version with handgrips and levers. The workout may seem strenuous and rough on the knees at first. The appropriate machine should have large hand railed staircase platforms and permit independent foot action.

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Rowing Machines

Nothing is better than the rowing machine to work out the backs, legs, and arms simultaneously. The exercise’s overall effect encompasses practically every body part. Since most people aren’t used to rowing, on the back there may be an acute hard feeling, and the motions may seem odd.   The machine is available in piston and pulley models and the rowing action closely resembling the act of pulling a rope over a pulley is the right choice for a more realistic experience.

On a final note, it is necessary to select the right equipment so that you can enjoy them to the fullest advantage. Ask your physician if you do have any healthy exercise questions.