The main reason for bathing is, of course, cleanliness. Washing away dirt, grime, and dead skin makes the skin clean and rejuvenated. However, a clean body isn’t the only plus of taking a bath. Here are four health benefits of bathing that will change the way you view this practice.

Relieves Body Pain

Aches and pains in muscles and joints suddenly reduce or leave the body due to the hot water. The hot water resembles a wet towel with hot water applied to sore areas of the body. Instead of spot reduction, a bath targets the whole body simultaneously. The water eases joint impact and pain while the heat reduces pain, inflammation, and soreness in the muscle. The hot water also aids in faster recovery time. This is great for athletes, exercise/fitness lovers, flu and cold sufferers, or for people working in physically and mentally stressful occupations.

Empowers Immune System

A natural way to combat the flu, common cold, and allergies is to take a bath. The bath steam allows for slower and deeper breathing, clearing sinus congestion to make breathing through the nose and mouth easier. The bath boosts the immune system by accelerating body temperature. A higher body temperature helps the immune system to build an effective defense against infection and viruses. Furthermore, a hot bath kills bacteria related to viruses.

Prepares for a Good Night’s Sleep

To prepare for sleep, the body cools down to a lower temperature. Body temperature naturally decreases at night, making sleep relaxing and deep. So what does a hot bath do to make sleep deep and relaxing? It’s not the actual bath that makes bathing good for a good night’s sleep. It’s the bath’s effects afterward. When you leave the hot water of a bath, your body cools down faster than waiting for the body to cool down without a bath.

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Calms the Nervous System

Stress and anxiety in the body accelerate the nervous system into overdrive. This leads to negative moods, distracted minds, and jittery movements. However, a bath calms the nervous system, so stress and anxiety levels decrease dramatically. A calm nervous system makes room for happier moods, a clear mind, and a relaxed body.

To understand bathing as a relaxing experience or pain reliever, in addition to a habit of good hygiene, makes the bathing experience a therapeutic solution rather than a chore. To optimize your baths, it’s important to keep your bath in good working condition. For instance, invest in routine drain cleaning and keep your tub as clean as possible. This will ensure your baths remain conducive to good health.