Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Common Injuries

Bicycle riding is a form of exercise that is enjoyed by both young and old. In some countries, it is the main method of transportation, and cyclists have a right of way over automobiles. Unfortunately, in the United States there are many bicycle and car accidents each year. Following is a list of actions that will help protect you from injuries while riding a bicycle.


Bicycle helmets lead the list in protection against death or crash-related injuries, especially among children. In many states and cities, there are specific laws requiring all bicycle riders to wear these helmets. This is especially important when riding alongside cars on busy roads.


A number of accidents occur at night, during rainy weather and other times when vision is impaired. Therefore, fluorescent clothing will make you more visible. This can be in the form of a vest, jacket or other apparel that reflects light.


Using rear red lights, headlights and other types of lighting on your bicycle is essential when riding at night. Without this precaution, you can appear so suddenly that the motorist will not have a chance to stop.


Always stay in the designated bike lane. If there is an obstruction, stop and make sure the roadway is clear before pulling around it. If there is no bike lane, stay as far on the side of the road as possible. In some areas there will be a sign giving permission to ride on the sidewalk.


Always use the correct hand signals when making a turn or changing direction. The driver behind you has no idea what you have in mind. Many accidents occur because of failure to signal. Drivers cannot predict if you are going straight or turning without you giving them a sign.

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Traffic Laws

Stop signs, stoplights and other traffic signals are meant for bicycle riders as well as cars. Obeying these laws will ensure less chance of a collision with a car or other vehicle. Too often, accidents happen because bicyclists run through red lights or don’t stop before turning.


Other common sense rules also apply to preventing injuries when riding on a bicycle. For example, never wear headphones as this will keep you from hearing sirens or other noise behind you. Texting or faxing, while riding, is dangerous as you will be distracted and can easily have an accident.

Riding a bicycle is fun and a practical method of transportation. However, to arrive at your destination safely it is important to take measures to protect yourself from common injuries.