The Mental Benefits of Having Wall Art in Your Home

It is no secret that creating art is good for our mental health. After all, any creative endeavour will inevitably affect our brain, moods and emotions positively. But what fewer people realise is that simply looking at art has mental benefits in itself. 

Artwork isn’t just office or home decor. Living in a home with paintings, framed art prints, tapestries, and other artwork on the walls can boost your mental health daily. 

Wall art helps you concentrate.

When staring at an artwork, the blood flow to your brain can increase by around ten per cent. That’s because art puts your brain to work; it motivates your brain to focus on analysing colours, patterns and even concepts behind the masterpiece. Simply put, your higher cognitive functions become more active when you view art.

It’s a good move to hang wall art in your home office or anywhere you want to be productive. That way, whenever you feel like you can’t focus on a task or your mind is somewhere else, take a beat and look at the wall art in the room. Whether it’s a painting, tapestry or framed movie poster, it will help you concentrate. 

It helps keep stress at bay every day.

Spending the entire day outside, be it at work or somewhere else, can take a toll on your mental health. You just want to go home to a place where you can relax, be cosy and forget all the worries of the day. A beautiful gallery wall or modern painting in your bedroom or living area helps create a space that doubles as a safe haven. 

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You can spend minutes sitting on the couch or lying on your bed while staring at your wall art. Your mind might eventually wander, but it’ll do without tension or wariness. It’s the same experience you get in museums & galleries; you get lost in your little bubble when being surrounded by beautiful masterpieces. So having wall art at home can be a good way to destress and forget your workplace worries before moving on to cooking dinner or spending the rest of the night with your family. 

It boosts your mood. 

Several elements in wall art can boost your mood. For instance, the brightness & saturation of a painting, sculpture or photograph can have an emotional effect. Less saturated tones can evoke a soothing effect, while deeply saturated hues can make you feel more intense or energised. Some colours are also linked to certain emotions. Many people associate red with passion or power, yellow with happiness, white and black with sadness, blue with bravery and green with hope. 

If you know your way around colours & emotions, you can pick artwork pieces with a palette that can evoke the emotions you want to feel the moment you step inside your bedroom or dining area. Or you’ll know which art to look at to boost your mood whenever you feel sad, angry or stressed at home. 

It inspires creativity. 

Of course, there’s no better way to nurture your creativity than having incredible art pieces around you. Whenever you’re in a rut with your writing or other passion projects, you can spend hours starting at different wall art in your home to feel inspired again. It might be the nudge you need to get your creative juices flowing. 

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Creating a gallery wall or curating the pieces can also boost your creativity. You can show your style, taste and personality when picking photo frames and art pieces that blend well with your interior design. You can also go the extra mile and hang your artwork like a pro by playing around with size and imagery in grouping pieces. 

Wrapping up

Creation isn’t the only way to reap mental benefits from art—viewing it can also have great effects on your moods, emotions, creativity and concentration. So if you’re looking for new home decor, mix it up by hanging artwork on your wall.