The plan for expanding the central health care facilities to the people of Albany is facing a serious threat in the face of a shortage of doctors. The current band of doctors responsible for primary care is in the twilight years of their careers, and it will not be long before the seats fall vacant. The plans for expanding preventive care is likely to suffer significant setback unless it can be assured that there will be a steady flow of doctors in the primary care segment. According to survey reports, there is almost a threefold gap in the number of doctors retiring and fresh recruits in places outside of the New York City.

Reason for shortage

The same survey report also points out the reason why fewer passing out doctors are not interested in joining the primary care segment. Medical education is expensive, and students have to borrow heavily to fund their studies. The primary care jobs of doctors are less remunerative, and as it does not pay well, more and more medical students are opting for specialties that pay well and help them to pay back the debt they carry. Apparently, the hospitals are finding it difficult to recruit doctors who can take care of primary health. According to a study carried out in 2013, it became known that by the year 2030, New York would require 1220 doctors for primary care but the gap that exists is alarming.

Addressing the issue

Some private enterprise is becoming noticeable to alleviate the problem of shortage of primary care doctors in Albany. Some people who have noted the lack of doctors in primary care have come forward to address the issue and provide healthcare to those who seek primary medical care. It has resulted in the launch of medical facilities that aim at providing primary health care together with preventive and diagnostic care in Albany. The centers offer traditional medical care with personalized attention in a modern setting.

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primary medical care

Long-term relationship

These primary care facilities thrive on family values and create long-standing relationships with patients and their families. It provides the comfort and confidence to patients that help them get better results in treatment. Although the facilities are well known for delivering the traditional care, they do not take a conventional approach to providing it. Instead, these services innovative new ways of developing a relationship with patients that make the traditional treatment appear much more personalized and efficient.

The setting up of private medical care units in Albany is a very positive move to address the issue of shortage of doctors for primary care. Although the effort might be small and even inadequate as compared to the total requirement of doctors to serve the people of the area, it will go a long way to encourage setting up of similar enterprise that could have a far-reaching effect in finding a solution to the problem.

The effort only shows the awareness and concern of people who are committed to bridging the gap that paves the path for better healthcare at the primary level.