skin tags home remedies

Our physiology is unique to us, reacting to the world around us in ways that slightly different than those around us. While the vast majority of us will fall into columns regarding the effectiveness of things like drugs, the individual problems we experience over the course of our lives will vary dramatically.

Skin tags are a good example of this. What are skin tags and what are some ways that you can remove them? Let’s take a moment to explore this topic and review how you can remove them from your face.

What Are Skin Tags?

Simply put, a skin tag is any skin that is overgrown and stands out from the smooth exterior of our face. Skin tags can frequently form around places where our skin comes in contact with other things. For example, jewelry (especially face jewelry) can cause skin tags to form.

They can also form from makeup that has not been washed away or removed after some time. Other issues can also cause skin tags to form on the face, including things like heredity, obesity, or even Type 2 Diabetes.

Practically everyone will get skin tags over time. While most ignore them, they can be a challenge to ignore when they are on our face. If you are interested in removing these raised bumps, then keep reading. We review home remedies, over the counter treatments, and procedures your doctor can perform to get rid of skin tags.

Home remedies

Long before over the counter and doctor guided treatments became a thing, people used home remedies to cure their skin tags. As a result, there are countless options for skin tag home remedies.

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Be aware that while the lease expensive option; home remedies typically take the longest amount of time (for most of them) before you see results.

Stem juice is a popular choice. The stem of many plants is acidic and will eat away at the excess skin on your face. Using a slightly acidic juice made from plants and exposed directly to the skin can work wonders. A popular choice is the fig stem.

Dandelions can also be used in this way to create a potent salve that will eat away at skin tags without damaging the skin. Aloe Vera is another option you can consider as well. Apply it directly to the affected area and let is sit for 10 minutes before removing. Repeat every day until the skin tag falls off or shrinks away.

Black walnut salve crushed and applied to the skin in the same way can also work wonders. If nothing else, consider using dental floss to remove the skin tag yourself. Being relatively sharp, it can cut through most growths pretty well.

Over The Counter Products

There are a range of over the counter salves that are well rated and guaranteed to provide a more reliable cure than do it yourself home remedies. At the same time, you will have to search for a product, try it out, and pay for it.

While more expensive and time consuming, any product you purchase at the store will be reviewed and can generally be trusted to do what it says it will do. Note that the price of over the counter products can change dramatically based on the brand.

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Removal with a Doctor

A doctor can remove them utilizing a myriad of techniques that are also sometimes seen used for things like warts. From freezing, hitting with a laser, and zapping them off to removing with a very sharp bit of string, a doctor will provide the best results if you are looking for how to remove skin tags from your face with the least amount of risk of scarring.