Parenthood is a journey that starts from the day one decides to have a child. The joy of knowing that the little one is on the way should take you to Cloudnine – literally. There are several reasons to choose this specialty hospital. Here are ten good reasons:

  • Gynaecological care: Care for the child starts with the well-being of the mother-to-be.
  • Infertility care: The success rate of IVF at Cloudnine makes it one of the top-rated hospitals.
  • Pregnancy care:While the little one is snug inside, Cloudnine makes sure both mother and foetus are doing well.
  • High risk pregnancy care: Just in case there is cause for concern with pregnancy- related diabetes or hypertension, doctors and consultants make sure everything is under control.
  • Antenatal classes: Parents are prepared for their new role with lessons on feeding and sleep patterns, umbilical cord care and hygiene, baby massage and bath, sleeping techniques and safe sleeping positions and settling the crying infant.
  • Neonatal care:The efficient way paediatricians and nurses handle the tiny bundle of joy is reassuring.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): In the event our little friend decides it’stime toventure out into the world earlier than scheduled, the NICU takes over. The watchful eyes of trained nurses detect the first signs of distress in the new-born and immediate action is taken.
  • Paediatric care: Paediatricians at Cloudnine hand-hold parents through feeding and caring for the baby.Vaccinations, thorough new-born screening tests and hearing tests are documented for easy reference.
  • Care @Home:Cloudnine follows their small client home. While antenatal classes give prior advice and assistance, nursing and childcare services are also available from the hospital.
  • Advanced care: In-house consultants are available for anything from correct weaning practices and best weaning foods for the growing infant,to childhood-onset of obesity and improved nutritional status of children with eating disorders.
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Why come to Cloudnine for childcare?

At Cloudnine, hospitality is of paramount importance. The ambience and friendly staff reassures both, parent and child,of being in good hands.

Everything and everyone needed to make birthing and childcare a pleasure can be found at the hospital. Birthing suites, operation theatres and NICU are fully equipped and the doctors and nurses are qualified and well-experienced. Do visit one of our 10 branches in Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram, Mumbai and Pune and feel the difference.