Have you heard your friends or family members talk about coconut oil and how great it really is for everything? Well, they were not kidding! Coconut oil is that one substance that can almost be used for everything. Whether you want your hair to grow longer, or make it shine better. Whether you want to shed a few pounds or even to whiten your teeth… Yes, you should be turning to coconut oil for all that and then some. Let’s take a look at some of the other wonderful uses coconut oil can help us with! Like I said, it does help your hair grow, but if you were looking for a better solution for growing back your hair I would recommend one of these solutions- and you can learn more info here! Using coconut oil with one of these other solutions will maximize your hair growth!

  • It kills bacteria
  • It can help you build and maintain muscle
  • It curbs your appetite
  • It can protect organ function and help prevent Alzheimer’s
  • It improves digestion issues
  • It helps regulate your hormones naturally
  • It helps your hair grow a few extra inches each year
  • It can help clear up inflammation in your body
  • It can be used as a moisturizer and a suntan oil
  • Can be a substitute for butter, and is great on popcorn and to fry with
  • It’s a natural makeup remover
  • Can you used to cure chapped lips (lip balm)
  • Baby ointment
  • Stretch mark eraser

There are so many other benefits that coconut oil has on oneself, but I am going to go into more details with the points listed above and how using coconut oil for these causes can change your life!

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First off, it kills bacteria. Yes it is perfectly safe to eat a spoonful every morning, or put it in your coffee, tea and/or smoothies. Another quick tip to boost your energy, would be adding a tsp. of chia seeds to your coconut oil. This solution will need you going for the whole day! Coconut oil will not only kill bacteria in your body but it will help curb your appetite through out the day and keep your body functioning properly. Therefore it will keep your body building muscle and maintaining that muscle as well. When you are digesting coconut oil, it not only helps with any digestive issues you might have, but it also helps clear up inflammation in your body.

Have you ever heard of oil pulling before? For those of you that have not, let me tell you something you should be doing every morning or at some point throughout the day. Oil pulling is what they use to use back in the day to fight bacteria in your mouth and cure bad breath, along with tooth decaying and boosting your immune systems. Why not continue that today? Well, I highly advise you too because it is still possible to cure those issues today too and even whitening your teeth by doing so- BONUS! As you know, coconut oil is oil; therefore it is harmless to apply to your skin. In fact it works great to moisturize your body, including your lips and remove any unwanted makeup. Now that you are aware of some of the benefits coconut oil has on your life, I would advise you to go pick yourself up a bottle. The extra virgin coconut oil is the best, but you can also buy the pills if you want to take those too! Good luck, and I can’t wait for you to see just how amazing coconut oil is!

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