Constipation Natural Remedies

A symptom of decreased bowel frequency is defined as constipation and this digestive problem can cause people to feel tired, bloated and even lead to painful cramping. There isn’t a standard as far as regular bowel movements are concerned. For every person, the definition of normal bowel movement can vary. Regardless of whether you visit the bathroom three times in a day or three times a week, the symptoms of constipation are usually the same for everyone. If you aren’t having bowel movements like usual and the frequency has decreased and if your stool is painful, hard and dry; then this is a bout of constipation.

While medications might be able to relieve constipation, they don’t necessarily cure it and prevent it from occurring in the future. That’s where constipation natural remedies are helpful. Some of them are:

High-Fiber Foods

Bulky and soft stools often occur when some foods are consumed. On the other hand, hard and infrequent stools usually occur when a low-fiber diet is followed. Fatty and fried foods should be reduced in your diet. Instead, people should boost their intake of whole grains, nuts, beans and fruits and vegetables. Fiber capsules can also be taken for ensuring that you are getting the recommended dosage for fiber.

Fluid Intake

Constipation can be alleviated and a bowel movement can be stimulated by drinking fluids such as prune juice, apple juice and water. Fluid secretion in the intestinal tract is increased by water and this can lead to softer stools. Likewise, regularity is promoted and hard stools are softened by apple and prune juice.

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The intestinal tract can undergo a lot of change when people become active. Intestinal contractions are encouraged because of playing sports, exercising or engaging in other physical activities. The passage of stools is encouraged in this way. An exercise routine should be established for relieving constipation naturally. Working out for half an hour three to five times a week will give excellent results.

Massaging the Stomach

The intestines can also be stimulated and bowel movement can be encouraged by massaging the lower abdomen slowly and gently in circular motions. This remedy can be used on adults and children alike. Daily stomach massages prevent future bouts of constipation and increase the frequency of bowel movements.


One of the oldest forms of constipation treatment is herbal therapy. For thousands of years, numerous cultures have used herbs for curing constipation. There are two categories of this natural remedy; stimulant laxatives and bulk forming. Barley, fenugreek and flaxseed are the bulk forming herbal laxatives that are used commonly. In the case of flaxseed, people should remember that flaxseed oil is not a constipation remedy. Aloe, Cascara segrada and senna are the stimulant herbs for constipation.


While a number of people would be surprised by this natural remedy, it is true. Caffeine plays the role of a stimulant for the digestive system and can relieve constipation. However, taking more than one to two cups daily will cause dehydration that gives rise to constipation so it should not be taken in excess.