Knowingly or unknowingly, there are many things in everyday life that you do but fail to realize the fact that they can harm your body. Teeth being one of the most sensitive parts, undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis in a similar way. Like, consuming chilled foods and drinks, exerting pressure on your teeth to open stuff, etc. might be fun for you, but can have major repercussions on your dental health.

So, if you want to enhance your dental health and keep your smiles shiny, make sure you don’t indulge in these 5 common daily habits that many people do:

1. Munching Ice

For many people, especially kids chewing ice is pleasurable. They enjoy doing it. Because they are not aware what harm it can do to their dental health. When you munch ice cubes frequently or even occasionally, it causes chipped tooth, hurting its inner soft tissue. This can further give you a toothache that can bother you for a longer time.

Tip: You should avoid consuming too hot or too cold foods and drinks as they trigger toothache. If chewing ice is your habit, then start chewing sugar-free gums instead.

2. Not Wearing Mouth Guard

If you are a person involved in sports, specifically sports like football, hockey, cricket, etc., then don’t miss wearing a mouth guard. It is a sports accessory made of plastic which protects the upper row of your teeth. If not worn, your teeth might get hurt severely leading to dental complications. And, there are chances that you might also lose them depending on the roughness of action.

Tip: You can get self-fitting mouth guards at a sports shop or you can get it custom made by your dentist.

Not Wearing Mouth Guard


3. Using Your Teeth As A Tool

Some people flaunt opening bottle caps with their teeth or they just do it because they are lazy to grab a bottle opener. If you have ever done this, even once or as a makeshift, then you should know how this thing can wreck your teeth. When you try to open a bottle or a plastic packaging, your teeth take the pressure and become cracked. It can also lead to injury in the jaw area.

Tip: Always use appropriate tools for opening stuff because your teeth are meant for chewing only.

Using Your Teeth As A ToolSource: Comfortdds

4. Continuous Snacking

Munching throughout the day or frequently can satiate your hunger but can be threatening to your teeth. Snacking produces very little saliva, as a result of which if you are constantly eating something and the food bits get stuck inside and around your teeth. This produces an acid that is unhealthy for the outer shell of your teeth.

Tip: Eat meals that are fuller so that you don’t snack frequently. And, choose low in sugar snacks if you just can’t resist.

5. Bruxism

It is also known as teeth grinding. Conditions like stress and anger are sometimes hard to control and this can lead to grinding of teeth, followed by cracking, chipping, joint pain and muscle tenderness.

Tip: While sleeping, you can wear a mouth guard and also practice relaxation exercises help in a better sleep and less pain so your dental health does not suffer.

6. Drinking Coffee

If coffee is something you like to have often, then it is time for you to know about its harmful effects. The dark color in the coffee causes yellowing of the teeth and then you can imagine the results- ugly looking teeth.

Tip: Talk to your dentist if you find discoloration in your teeth. And, limit the consumption of coffee and tea.

Drinking Coffee

Source: Microhydrin

7. Having Excess Of Sugary Foods

Sweets like candies and chocolates contain excessive amounts of sugar which leads to yellowing of the teeth. And, if you don’t brush your teeth, they will soon lose their original shine and health. Your teeth will also get decayed if you are consuming lots of sugary stuff and not brushing your teeth at least twice in a day.

Tip: Eat and drink foods that have minimal or no sugar content.


These are just a few of those daily habits that can wreck your teeth health. Others include nail biting, brushing too hard, tongue piercing and consumption of soda. So, now when you know about them, you should avoid repeating them to ensure your dental health is maintained.