Medical emergencies are very common, and indeed, most people understand the importance of dental emergency care. Injuries to the gums, lips, or the teeth can be very serious and should never be ignored. Unfortunately, many people do not know what constitutes a dental emergency. As a result, they end up getting to the dentist late, making it hard for dentists to treat their problems. Below is a rundown of some common Newport Beach dental emergencies and how people should handle them.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

A broken or chipped tooth is a common dental problem. If it happens to you, you should first rinse your mouth with warm water. You should also clean the broken piece. In case there is bleeding, you can deal with it by putting a piece of gauze on the area for about fifteen minutes. Then you should plan to see your dentist as soon as possible.


If your tooth is aching, you should first clean your mouth with warm water and make use of dental floss to get rid of any food lodged in the teeth. If there is pain or swelling, you should avoid applying aspirin and other pain relievers around the area. Instead, you can just apply a cold compress and plan to see your dentist immediately.

Knocked-out Tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out, you do not have to worry, because it can successfully be placed back into its socket if you manage to see a dentist within one hour. However, you should avoid forcing it into its socket. Just clean it and place it in a cup of milk or mildly salty water, and immediately seek emergency dental care.

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Lost Fillings

If you have lost a dental filling, you can use over-the-counter dental cement or sugarless gum to seal the cavity temporarily. You should then plan to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Lost Crowns

If the crown has fallen off, it is advisable for you to keep it and book an appointment with your dentist immediately. When you go to the dentist, ensure that you take the crown with you. If the tooth is painful and you cannot manage to see a dentist immediately, you can apply olive oil around the sensitive area to manage the pain. Avoid applying aspirin and other pain relievers directly on the tooth.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the soft mouth tissues such as gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue can lead to significant bleeding. To control the bleeding, you can use a mild salt-water solution to rinse your mouth. If the injury is painful or the bleeding does not stop, it is wise to visit your dentist as a matter of urgency.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that dental emergencies are quite common, and they can happen to anyone. When they occur, there are some fast aid procedures you can try to relieve pain or swelling before getting to your dentist. All in all, it is wise for you to see your dentist as soon as possible to make treatment easier. If you are looking for reliable dental care, Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry is the answer. They have the necessary skills and experience to handle any dental emergency issue.

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