Kegel exercise (also known as pelvic floor exercise) is a form of exercise used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises have been performed by both males and females to help deal with certain disorders. For example, in women, they help in control urine flow and pelvic floor weakness experienced after birth. Men, on the other hand, will get a myriad of benefits from these exercises.

Kegel Exercises

Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men

1. Prevention and Management of  Urinary Incontinence

Bladder weaknesses and urine leakage affects both men and women. Accidental urine leakage can cause someone to have a low self esteem. Often, most people won’t understand why this happening. A weak urinary sphincter after surgery from prostate cancer or an overactive bladder may cause this condition in men. Urinary incontinence may happen as a man ages, but it’s not a normal part of aging. There are various treatments and medications used to treat this illness. In addition, kegel exercises act as natural remedies for this condition. They are simple to perform and can be performed by people of all ages. They help control urination by strengthening muscles below the bladder.

2. Help Improve Erections

A study published in BJU International in the year 2005 suggested that kegel exercises can be used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). During the study, 55 men who were suffering from ED were put on a new lifestyle (diet and workouts) and had to perform kegel exercises every day. Six months down the line, more that 75% of these men were able to recover from this condition. It is thus a promising remedy. In male sexual health, kegel exercises can be used to improve erections and as one of the strategies of treating ED.

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3. Prevents Premature Ejaculation

Through kegelling, bulbocavernosus and pubococcygenus muscles are trained to help one delay ejaculation at the last minute. By taking control of these muscles, your orgasm stays for longer. This way, you can have great sex without worries that you will disappoint your partner. This way, when you reach “the point of no return” (who comes up with these phrases anyway), you can be sure that you won’t hit climax prematurely, as you have everything in control.

4. Better Orgasm

A powerful orgasm results from having strong pelvic muscles. Kegels increase sexual pleasure by improving the flow of blood (and sensitivity for that matter) to the genital area.

5. Penile Health

I can bet that you have performed exercise in your life to help with a physical attribute or the other. For example, some exercise will help reduce belly fat. But have you ever thought of doing some favor to your penile health? Well, if you haven’t, this might be the right place to start. Kegel exercises will help you build a stronger and healthier prostrate as well as ensure your sexual organs are in shape (health wise).

Kegels are not effective as enlargement exercises for men. However, the size doesn’t matter (much) as long as you can hold a firm erection for a longer period. Kegel exercises will help you with this.

How to Perform Kegel Exercises

1. The first thing you need is to identify the muscles that are involved in this procedure. As you are urinating, try to stop/ slow down the flow of urine. Ensure that the muscles around the buttocks, abdomen and legs are relaxed. If you are able to control the flow of urine, then we can safely say that you have located these muscles.

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2. Next you need to contract these muscles for a slow count of five. Release in the same order. This routine should be repeated for about ten times every day for as long as you want.

During the initial stages, perform these exercises while lying down to prevent gravity interference. The first few times you will find that you will be contracting the muscles in a matter of two to three second. As time goes on you can increase this time range to between five and ten seconds. Don’t forget to change your position to standing. All through the exercise, ensure that your muscles are relaxed.


As we have seen, kegel exercises won’t help increase the size in male but will offer so many benefits. From bladder control to firmer erections, the benefits are just too many to go unnoticed. The good news is that these exercises are easy to perform and require too little energy. Incorporate them in your daily workouts and see the magical benefits that you will get afterwards. Stay consistent and pay attention to your progress. This is the only way you will get maximum benefits from these exercises. Above all, be happy. Life is too short to be worried about anything.