Your life has dramatically changed, your relationships have changed, and your next thought is about when you will get your next fix. What once came easily is now strained by your addiction. No matter how deep into an addiction you are whether you just realized that you have a dependency or if you have hit your personal rock bottom there is a path to getting clean. There are many reasons why people turn to drugs and alcohol, but the process of going sober always remains the same.


Depression is much more common than people think, and affects millions of people. Untreated depression only progressively gets worse if left unchecked. Often people begin to self-medicate in an attempt to help themselves cope. This is often a gateway to addiction. When the depression doesn’t seem to get better, turning to drugs and alcohol can help to numb the feelings temporarily. It can quickly turn into a full-blown addiction coupled with the original problem of depression: a toxic combination.


Physical or emotional trauma are very common reasons why people turn to substance abuse. You feel guilt, remorse, and unworthy because of the what happened. Many unnecessarily punish themselves to ease the emotional and physical pain caused by trauma. Even something as simple as having surgery or breaking a bone then being prescribed opioids can lead to addiction. Although it is never a doctor’s intent to create an addict, there is some physical pain that requires more than an Aspirin.


Too often the case for addicts is that they began innocently. You may have been at a party and were pressured into trying a drug, then enjoyed how it made you feel. Most addicts don’t start out realizing that they have a dependency. When people try something with the simple intent to test it out, there is no telling what can spiral from that one moment. It is a slow-growing disease that eats away at your health, mind, and relationships.

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Addiction Solutions

There comes a point in every addict’s life where they have to choose between life or their addiction. Sometimes the person is simply not strong enough to make that decision on their own and must rely on a family member that pushes them to get help despite resistance. Choosing to takes steps to sobriety helps when you have motivation. Your family, children, and friends that have supported you no matter what you’ve put them through deserve to see you break free from addiction. Rehab centers, like a Florida drug treatment center, offer in-patient services that help you find out the underlying reason why you began using and offer counseling to mentally prepare you for the life change. Additionally, they provide health services to ease withdrawal and take care of on-going mental and physical issues. All it takes is one positive step of saying ‘yes’ to rehab. Believe in yourself and the program; your mindset is half the battle.


Addiction can happen to anyone, no one is exempt. Depression, trauma, or recreational use can easily become triggers. Making a positive choice to get help and begin the steps to getting clean is the first small step to regaining your freedom from dependence. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first or tenth time working to get clean all that matter is that you are actively trying. Going to rehab is the most important tool for staying sober. Addiction counselors and medical professionals will be with you every step of the way supporting your choice to become clean again. Breaking free of addiction is not an easy journey but it is done every day by people just like you that didn’t give up.

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