Does your Child Need Eyeglasses Signs to Keep an Eye out For

It is unusual for children to tell their parents or guardians that they are having difficulty with their vision. Many children simply do not realize that their eyesight is not as sharp as it should be. Because of this, it is important that you be on the lookout for signs that your child may need glasses.

1. Squinting or Using One Eye

Some children who are having problems with their vision will squint or attempt to use one eye to read or watch television. If you notice that these behaviors are increasing in your child, it is time to schedule an eye exam with a licensed optometrist.

2. Too Close

If your child holds a book too closely to their face or sits too close to the television, it may be time to have their eyes checked. According to professionals at, early screenings can help to delay age-related vision issues. When your child can only see clearly if something is very close to their face, make an appointment with their eye doctor.

3. Headaches

Just like adults, children with vision problems can experience frequent headaches. If your child complains of headaches, especially after reading, it is time to have their eyes checked.

4. Eye Rubbing

Pay attention to the number of times you see your little one rub their eyes. Frequent rubbing can be a symptom of itching or burning eyes. Itching and burning eyes can be a sign of eyestrain brought on by poor vision.

5. Notes Home

If your school-aged child brings a note home from the teacher suggesting an eye exam, do not ignore it. Teachers work with children all day and are able to identify children who may need glasses. If your child’s teacher has taken the time to write a note, take it seriously.

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6. Difficulty Reading

You know that your child knows how to read, yet they skip lines, frequently lose their place or miss words. It could be that your child is not seeing clearly enough to read fluently.

7. Head Tilting

Some children who experience difficulty with their vision tilt their heads while watching television or paying close attention to a speaker. If you notice that your child has a habit of tilting their head to one side or the other, schedule an eye exam.

Even with insurance, glasses can be expensive. Cost should not be a factor when it comes to your child’s eye health. If you notice that your child is displaying any of the signs or symptoms discussed here, make an appointment with an eye doctor as soon as possible.