It is going to be hard getting into medical school in Singapore. You will be focused on becoming a medical professional and you will lose track of what is around you. We all know it is a lot easier said than done. Better be careful in what you do next so that you won’t end up losing hope early. That would mean wasting a lot of money and you would not want that to happen especially if you enroll in a prestigious school. Here are a few dos and don’ts of getting into medicine school in Singapore:


Do make friends with everyone

Remember that when you make friends with everyone at school, all of them have different attitudes. Hence, you will have to know what their attitude is and you must know how to deal with it. Even if they are nice one day then grumpy the next day, you must not let that hinder you from accomplishing your goals. Besides, you may even meet your study buddies. It would be a big boost in your confidence when you study in a group as you can ask them questions about stuff that you don’t understand.

Don’t forget to study

Never let a day pass by without studying. You must always concentrate on getting a lot of high grades at medical school. After all, you would want to make your parents proud one day when you finally accomplish your goals. That won’t happen when you don’t study as everyone would think that you are not taking things too seriously. It would be better to study at the library and use all the resources they have there since that is also part of what you paid for.

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Do follow rules and regulations

Each medical school has its own set of rules and regulations. Unless you want to get disciplinary sanctioned, better follow all of them until you get what is rightfully yours and that is a diploma. You would not want to be in the hot seat just because you don’t want to follow simple rules and regulations. It would be hard to digest and you just have to live with the rules since they are most likely there to stay. It would make no sense to rally against them though.


Don’t be too confident

A lot of medical students make the mistake of getting too cocky at the start. If you do that, you will end up on the bad side of everyone. They will be motivated to do better than you and when they do that, they won’t hesitate to rub it in your face. It would be better to just concentrate on getting the job done and keeping your mouth shut.


MDIS has an extensive list of short courses that you can take. All of them will give you a lot of information that you can use in a short amount of time. Also, you would want to get advice about the best courses that will fit your personality and future.