Effective Home Remedies for Minor Burns

Although they are painful and scary, it is possible for people to deal with minor burns with the aid of some home remedies. There are several alternative solutions that can be used by people for soothing pain, preventing infection, help in healing and stop scarring, as long as the burn is a surface burn. For a long time, people had used alternative remedies for dealing with minor burns, but this practice was replaced with modern medicine. However, the practice seems to be picking up again nowadays because home remedies are more beneficial and effective in the long run. Listed below are some of the most popular home remedies for minor burns:


Minor burns can be cooled and soothed with the help of yogurt. Two tablespoons of yogurt should be applied on the burn directly and should be removed after 15 minutes. It is recommended that people use plain yogurt, but can also use flavored yogurt if plain is not available immediately.


A multitude of skin problems and issues have been treated with honey for years and one of them includes minor burns too. Honey draws out fluids from the burns, which sanitizes them. A few drops of honey should be placed directly onto the burn and the infected area should then be covered with a bandage. People can use a gauge bandage because it is quite effective, but it needs to be changed several times a day. A few drops of honey have to be reapplied whenever the bandage is changed by individuals.

Black Tea

The burning heat can be drawn out from a minor burn with the presence of the tannic acid that’s found in black tea. Place the tea bags under running and cool water and collect the tea water in a glass or bowl. The tea water should then be sprinkled onto the burn with ease. People can repeat this application as often as needed.

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Minor burns can be soothed with milk and it is also effective in alleviating pain. A clean cloth should be soaked in milk and then applied onto the burn. This application should be repeated as often as necessary for achieving pain relief, but the cloth should be washed during every application. It is also possible for people to soak the burn in a bowl of milk for about 15 minutes.


Minor burns can also be treated with the assistance of cool water. Not only is the burn cooled with water, but it also prevents it from spreading. Cool water should be run over the burn as soon as possible. The pain and also the risk of infection will be increased if people hesitate in using water. The water should be run over the burn for about 10 minutes and can be repeated as many times as desired.


Vinegar is not only an astringent for minor burns, but also works as a purifying agent. Take two cups of water and dilute one-quarter cup vinegar in it. The liquid should be poured over the burn and not rinsed.