Effective Tips For Feet Care

The feet are probably the last part of the body that people think about until they start aching, cracking and hurting. However, they cannot be overlooked because with around 26 bones and a complex framework of muscles, ligaments and tendons, the feet are responsible for absorbing the impact of the weight of the entire body and keep people upright and balanced in the process. There are numerous problems that can afflict the feet and can create further issues for people. The ideal way to keep the feet healthy and supple is a simple regimen that needs to be performed daily for keeping the bones, muscles and skin of the feet functioning properly. Here are some feet care steps that can be used:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Several aspects of foot health can be affected if people are wearing the wrong shoes. People need to buy shoes that fit their feet well. However, this doesn’t mean that they fit too tightly as this leads to several problems like ingrown toenails, corns, hammer toe and general foot pain. On the other hand, too large shoes prevent the heel of the foot from settling into place and this gives rise to other problems like sore heels, calluses and blisters. Bones of the feet are also damaged because of some shoes such as high heels. A comfortable pair of shoes should be worn that are made from the right materials. Leather and cotton are a good choice as compared to synthetic materials.

Take a Walk

This might sound contradictory as your feet are already tired and aching. But, the muscles in the feet are just like the ones in other parts of the body. They need to be exercised regularly to keep them strong. Taking a walk will keep the muscles flexible and prevent aches in future life.

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Wash Your Feet Daily

Even the most conscientious and clean people often skip washing the feet in the shower daily. Nonetheless, it is crucial for the health of the feet. As they remain trapped inside shoes for the most part, there is lots of sweat and moisture, which promotes the growth of bacteria. Not washing the feet means that bacteria and germs will accumulate and lead to infections. No special product is required for this purpose; even a regular soap will do the job.


This is another contradictory measure as moisture promotes bacterial growth on the feet and they should be kept dry. But, this moisture is necessary because the skin of the feet becomes cracked, dry and scaly due to the wear and tear they endure throughout the day. Therefore, moisturizing the feet by rubbing lotion onto the skin can keep it soft and supple.

Wear Socks

Socks are often overlooked in the daily feet care. They are an integral part of the regimen and they protect the feet from wear and tear and also deal with the moisture. They can also reduce calluses and blisters as they act as a barrier between the shoes and feet.

With these precautions, the feet can be protected and kept healthy and soft.