You Don’t Have to Lose Teeth

With everyone living longer, the need to protect our teeth has become more important than ever.  While many people have lost teeth by the age of 65, you don’t have to. It isn’t inevitable. You can work against the tide and keep your teeth for more of, if not most of, your life.  The key is daily care, six-month dental cleanings, and regular dental checkups.  Beyond that, there are nine more things to know about your teeth.


Diet is Essential to Teeth Health

Of course, you need the vitamins that assist teeth health. That’s important. However, you also need to watch what you put into your mouth.  The worst offenders are sweets, especially sodas.  Starchy or sticky foods are also poor choices.  If you want your brushing and flossing to make a difference, cut back on foods that teeth don’t like and make a point of eating lots of vegetables and drinking lots of water.  


Clenching Your Jaw Hurts Your Teeth

If you are clenching your jaw at night, you are slamming your teeth together with incredible force.  You can stop clenching and grinding by getting a mouthguard. There are many over-the-counter ones available.  You can also get a professional one made by your dentist. When we don’t do this, we end up with broken and brittle teeth. 


Wisdom Teeth Need to Go

Your third-year molars, or wisdom teeth as they are often called, grow in around age 18. If you haven’t had them removed, you may need to do that. These teeth grow in the back of your mouth and cause crowding.  They are easily infected due to the small space that they occupy.  These infections can spread. Basically, it is a good preventive measure to have them removed.

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Bonding Saves a Tooth

A chipped tooth may not bother you unless it is in front.  However, that chip is an invitation for cavities to set in.  To avoid this, a dentist can add bonding to the tooth. It will strengthen it and prevent decay.  


Dental Implants Are Smart

If you do lose teeth, consider dental implants.  These are surgically applied to the jaw bone. This post actually encourages bone growth and bone health.  The dental implant looks and acts like a real tooth, which encourages people to maintain healthy eating habits. So this is a win-win.


Gum Care is Important Too

While many of us don’t think about our gums, dentists can tell you that we should be.  Gums are the source of teeth problems in many older mouths.  Yet gum disease is often treatable, especially when caught early. To keep our teeth, we have to keep our gums healthy. 


Dental Care Can Save Your Teeth

If you avoid dental care, you are hurting yourself in more ways than one.  Just as tooth decay happens over time, dental care is most effective when applied regularly over time.  Ignoring a painful tooth will just lead to a bigger problem or perhaps tooth loss over time.


Furthermore, your dentist has many procedures, big and small, that can help you save your teeth. Some have been named here (bonding, gum care, dental implants), but there are many more. You just need to know what’s happening in your mouth and how dental care can make a difference.  

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Once you become proactive about all aspects of your oral health, you are on your way to a full mouth of teeth well into old age.  If you already have lost teeth, you can still follow these guidelines to improve your mouth help and keep your remaining teeth longer.