If you run your own business or are a manager in an organization, you know how important as well as stressful it is to make sure all your employees are happy, satisfied, and safe, while also making sure they remain productive. Looking after the wellbeing of so many people can be a daunting task, however you can make your life simpler by taking care of a few things on a regular basis to ensure your employees’ wellbeing.

Safety Policies

First and foremost, you should always have policies to make sure the staff practices self care and prioritizes their own safety, while also recognizing that the company is looking after them. It is important to have a safety policy drafted according to the needs of the organization, and this should be clearly communicated to all employees, regardless of whether it seems relevant to them or not. It is the right of every employee to know what to do in case of a fire, office injuries, feeling detrimental effects of indoor air quality, etc, and also to understand what the company will and won’t do for them in different situations.

Cleanliness of the Workspace

It is your duty and responsibility to make sure that any area that is being accessed by your workers is clean and disinfected at all times. Not only will this ensure healthy working conditions, but clean workplaces have a direct connection to good mental health as well. It can prove very beneficial to have the office deep cleaned regularly. There are services like Foreman Pro Cleaning that you can hire for one-time cleaning as well as for weekly or monthly cleaning, depending on your need.

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Prioritize Mental Health

Mental health is as important as physical health, and while it is easier to understand and deal with physical symptoms when they occur, it might not be as obvious when someone is going through mental health difficulties. It is important to keep an eye on your employees and make sure they are okay. Regular check ins can be extremely beneficial, and it can prove valuable to hire a mental health professional specially for your employees to let them get the help they deserve.

Welcome Feedback

As an employer or manager, you can do your best to understand the needs and wants of your subordinates, however you can never fully understand their needs unless you check in with them regularly, and welcome their voices. The employees’ input is the most important data point for you to ensure their health and safety, therefore inviting them to provide feedback on the steps you take to ensure their safety is essential. Moreover, you should also hold monthly or quarterly focus groups for employees to brainstorm ideas to make the workplace even more employee friendly.

Doing all the above may be time consuming and can also be costly, but it is a small cost to pay for the wellbeing of people you are responsible for. One thing is for sure, your employees will love you for it!