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To get the most out of your gains, your gym bag needs to be fully stocked. Going into the gym empty-handed might sound like a conv

enient idea, but there are numerous items that you can store in your workout bag to reach your full potential. The next time you head out your door to improve your cardio, grow your muscles, and pump some iron, make sure your gym bag contains these four essentials.

1. A change of clothes

Whether you’re an earlier riser and workout before your 9 to 5, or would rather end a tough day with a stress-relieving working, having a change of clothes is essential. The time of day you workout will determine your change of clothes.

If you workout before work, you can roll up to the gym already in your gym shorts, athletic tank, and workout shoes. But, this means you’ll have to pack accordingly to ensure you have all your business attire ready to go. If you’re the other way around, your gym bag will need to contain your favorite athleticwear for you to change into have you clock out of work. Planning the night ahead can help ensure you have everything you need for your day to go smoothly.

2. Towel

Gyms are great for cleansing your soul, but not necessarily your body. Sweat and other bodily fluids easily transfer from each piece of equipment after gym goers go through their workout routine. If not properly sanitized, these pieces of equipment can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

Before and after you touch a piece of equipment, whether it be dumbbells, a treadmill, or stationary bike, make sure you wipe it down with sanitary wipes. This is important now more than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to get sick across the globe. While gyms slowly reopen, sanitary precautions are taking place. But this doesn’t mean they’re perfect, so wipe things down yourself, too.

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Once your workout is complete, grab your towel and head to the showers. This is the easiest way to immediately clean yourself after a grueling workout. Forgetting one could mean an uncomfortable day at work and endless amounts of deodorant.

3. Protein

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After a hard workout, one of the first things you want to do is consume some protein. When you exercise, the protein in your muscles breaks down. This is what leaves you feeling sore and stiff the next day. Consuming protein after a workout can help repair this broken-down protein and help your muscles grow stronger. With the right amount of amino acids to rebuild these proteins, your body will be able to build new muscle tissue to help you get stronger.

To ensure you’re getting enough protein post-workout, pack your gym bag with a protein shaker bottle and your favorite protein powder. Whey protein is a fan favorite, but if you’re vegan, there are plenty of alternatives like pea protein and sunflower protein. Just follow the serving amounts on the back of your protein pack, and you’ll be seeing gains in no time.

4. Recovery

Protein isn’t the only key to recovery. In order to feel your best and recover sooner, it’s essential to have the proper recovery supplements and tools to keep your body in pristine condition. Take a look at some recovery essentials you should keep in your workout bag:

  • CBD: CBD is an up-and-coming recovery tool professional athletes across all sports are relying on. CBD has anti-inflammation properties that can reduce soreness and pain to help your muscles recover. Pack your bag with delicious and relaxing CBD vape juice, gummies, or cream, and you’ll be feeling better than ever.
  • Foam roller: Once you’re done working out, grab a yoga mat and a foam roller, and begin rolling out. Foam rollers are excellent for identifying trigger points and breaking up stiff tissue and muscles to return your muscles back to their natural state.
  • Ice wraps: Icing is another key to recovery. With ice wraps, you can target stiff or sore muscles and reduce blood flow to help them recover faster. Put these in your gym bag and keep them on any painful muscles for your ride back to work or home.
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With these recovery tools, you’ll be able to head back to the gym the next day and push your body even further without pain and soreness holding you back.

Wrapping up

Getting ready for the day is always stressful. However, with a checklist of what you need for the day can always help you stay focused and ensure you have everything you need. Before you leave the door to head on over to the gym, check to see if you’re prepared for the gym with these four essentials for your workout bag.