Having a double chin can make us very uncomfortable and may even lower one’s self-esteem. The face is the face thing anyone notices .Do you have a problem with face fat? You are not alone many people have a problem with face fat. To lose face fat  is not that easy it requires you to keenly do facial workout exercises .Here are some of the facial workout exercises that  give you stunning facial looks.


1. Facial workouts

Facial workout make you muscles firm in the face. The firmed muscle help burn the excess fat in your face. To proceed to a slim and wonderful face, first identify the problematic area. This will help you concentrate on them for quick results. Here are some of the facial workouts for different areas:

  • Get rid of double chins by doing chin lifts

Start by facing upwards towards the ceiling. Your eyes should be fixed towards the ceiling, make the lips tight .Make yourself relax and hold it there for about 15 seconds. You should repeat it as many times as possible .During the exercise avoid using any other muscle. The face chin exercise works by pulling most of your facial muscles for instance the in the jaw and neck making them firm. Most people have fats concentrated in these regions.

  • Facial yoga by lips pull

Doing facial yoga regularly can do you magic. Start by positioning yourself in a way that the head is in a comfortable and normal upright position. Then lift the lower lip upwards as much as you can by pushing the lower jaw outwards. Make sure you feel the stretch and strain build by your chin muscles and the jaw line. Relax and hold on in that posture for 15 seconds. You can repeat it for many times as possible. This helps lift up your facial muscles giving you a stunning look with wonderful high cheekbones and a youthful look.

  • Jaw release exercise

It is one of the most effective facial workouts for reducing the double chin. Do you want to have a sexy cheek bone? What about a wonderful slim look? If yes then you should try this. Start by positioning your body in an upright posture. With your mouth closed, move your jaw as if you are chewing food. Take deep breaths in and out while you hum, with your mouth open let your tongue stick to the lower jaw while you take the deep breaths in and out. Stick with posture for about 7 seconds; try this for as many times as possible.

  • Smiling fish face

Having a problem with your cheeks? Are they chubby? Try this. It is the most effective facial workout for losing fat in the cheeks. It is very simple and easy to learn. Here are some tips on how to do it. Draw your cheeks and lips as if you want to pull in a liquid as you try your best to smile. With the posture stay for about 7 seconds until you feel your cheeks burning up. This workout can be practiced anywhere, try it regularly for best results.

  • Try natural face lift

This is a blowing air workout. If you are yearning for a stunning and youthful facial and neck appearance then this is the way to go. Position yourself in a chair in a way that your spine is upright. Try to move your head backwards to the point that your face is directly facing up. With your lips pulled blow air out from the mouth, try to do it for 15 seconds while relaxed, do it more often. The workout is very effective in burning up the unwanted fat in the cheeks chin and neck region. The exercise firms the facial and muscle getting rid of chubby cheeks and the double chin, giving you a slim sexy appearance.

2. Other methods to make facial workouts effective

  • Do a general body workout; the exercise makes your body to lose fat evenly in the whole body.
  • Consider including a diet that help you burn up some extra fats for a young and youthful face.
  • What about facial treatment? You should not forget this one as it adds up to the glowing and healthy facial skin .Use coconut oil for face moisturizing and exfoliation. For moisturizing apply the coconut oil and leave it overnight then wash it off in the morning. Coconut oil can make a very good exfoliate free of any chemicals, add some sugar to the coconut oil and vanilla for a good smell then use it to scrub your face.


Our facial appearance counts a lot .Facial fat should not be a problem anymore, get you a sexy, slim and wonderful face.