Will you also insist that you’re too busy to exercise? Stop telling excuses because as celebrities, CEOs and even President Obama have time to train every day, then you have too.

Life is all about setting priorities and achieving your goals. So take just ten minutes of your day to devote to physical exercise and you’ll see that you get a lot more energy to do other things. After a few days you will get even need to exercise longer, so get started quickly. These six workouts last only ten minutes, but his super effective.


Put on your running shoes and start sprinting. Start with a warm up of two minutes and spice up your game. After the warm-up sprint for a minute, then jog again two minutes. Then pull back a sap so on. Although it is only ten minutes, you do burn a lot of calories due to the high intensity of the workout.


If you have an exercise bike then this provides a very good solution because you do not need your house to get enough exercise. But especially in the spring and summer months it is wonderful to cycle outside the park. You not only enjoy nature and the sun, but also burns much further.


High Interval workouts are super popular lately. I myself am a big fan of the inversion table Insanity workouts. Why? You see at first very fast results, you push yourself and your metabolism shoots up making you burn fat fast. Start today with a high interval training and do not forget to go a little further every day.

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Are not you someone who loves racing, sports and jumping? Then every evening a rocking music and dance the calories from there. This does mean that you have to dance intensive and long, dance styles like salsa and merengue are a good example. Move your arms, your legs and your hips and dance like no one is watching!


Get in the gym flow and start your own short cardio and strength program. Do a set of jumping jacks, squats, lunges and pushups and sprints between each set of 30 seconds in your place. To make your workout harder, you can even use weights.