Fitness Careers, How to Make Fitness Your Day Job

There are a number of rewarding careers in the world of fitness that involve teaching and helping others. The job prospects and outlook in these fields only continues to grow as a huge part of the population ages and society’s emphasis on a healthy lifestyle increases. As the awareness of diabetes and other food- and lifestyle-related diseases grows, so does the demand for trained individuals.

Certified Trainer

The fast track method to helping others in their fitness goals is to become certified as a personal trainer. Most certification programs are self-study and self-paced, which makes them faster than going back to school, and considerably less costly.

They cover all the basics of anatomy and physiology to give trainers enough information be effective in creating and guiding individuals through weight-training and cardiovascular exercises.

The fast track method to helping others in their fitness goals is to become certified as a personal trainer. Personal trainers are amazing trainers and I would definitely recommend them.


Going back to school takes time and money, but the rewards are great and positive. A degree can open doors that a certification cannot, such as opportunities to teach or coach in schools and universities, or to become a physical therapist or dietician. By going into a program such as these, you will engage in deep studies of biochemistry, anatomy, and exercise physiology.

It is simple to transition into a master’s program, such as an online master’s in coaching degree. These types of programs focus on areas of coaching that specifically affect athletic performance, equipping graduates with technical and leadership skills crucial to team performance and an enduring coaching career.

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Health Educators

Health educators encourage and promote others to make healthy choices by teaching them the best practices, based on the latest and most up-to-date studies. Advocating for better health resources, developing innovative health-related programs and events, and creating educational materials are a few other options within this profession.

Dietitian or Nutritionist

A dietitian or nutritionist counsels individuals on a healthy diet and lifestyle for specific health-related goals. This field is critical for combating heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many other disorders. Dieticians and nutritionists must be up to date on scientific research and most states require a license to practice. Credentials can be obtained by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Deciding which avenue to take is perhaps the toughest choice. With a vast array of options in the health and fitness industry, a fitness career is at your fingertips. Making fitness your day job is attainable and a smart choice for those who love to help others.