To keep fit, regular exercise must be a top priority. The best exercise is one that involves most parts of your body. Physiotherapists and other medical experts agree that cycling is one of the most beneficial exercises. Regular cycling can reduce incidences of heart-threatening diseases by up to 60%. It is also good for other body parts. With so many benefits associated with cycling, why aren’t people embracing it?

The excuse many people give for not cycling is their busy schedules. When will they cycle when they spend more than two hours in traffic every day? On weekends, they have errands to run and families to take care of; at what time will they cycle? For such people, there is only one answer; incorporate cycling in your daily routine. As opposed to creating time for this activity, make cycling part of your routine. For instance, you can ride a bike to work on weekdays. On weekends, you can use the same bicycle to run errands.

For a multipurpose bike that serves as a commuting vessel and still provides optimum luxury for cruising on weekends, you need something that is fast and light. Yet again, it should be tough. You are probably wondering; does such a bicycle exist in the free market? The answer is a resounding YES! Hybrid bike is the name! These bikes come in varying sizes and shapes. Choosing the best hybrid bike for exercise might be an involving task. With an exclusive guide however, the selection process can be much easier.

Factors to consider when buying hybrid bikes

If you do not know what to look for when purchasing hybrid bikes, the numerous options in the market can confuse you. For an easier experience, it is important to understand the exact features you need in a bicycle. Among the multiple factors that should form part of your checklist include:


How do you plan to use the bike? Where will you be usingit most of the time? Such questions might linger in your mind before tossing yourself in the market, ready to spend. Remember, hybrid bikes attract a wide range of bikers because they are multifunctional. While others want something to get them to work every morning, others just want a bike they can cruise through the neighborhood with while keeping fit. For some, they need a bicycle with which they can handle normal errands.

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Different hybrid bikes are designed to suit versatile users. For commuters, you require bikes with fenders to offer protection against wet roads. If you are looking for an all-road fitness bike, you might possibly want something light. In addition, you might need a bike with a suspension fork and wide tires for heavy trail usage.

Frame material

The ultimate weight and strength of a hybrid bicycle depends on the material from which the frame is made. For most hybrid bikes, the frames are specially designed to withstand heavy use. If you opt for steel, you must understand that it is one of the heaviest metals used for bike frames. Steel is also more malleable, giving you room to bend the frame when need arises.

Best Hybrid Bike

Aluminum, on the other hand, is light. It is equally strong. Bicycles made from aluminum frames are relatively affordable compared to their steel counterparts. The other option, though rare, is carbon fiber. The material is strong and light with road-dampening characteristics of steel. Notably, they come at a higher price.


This simply refers to the gear selection of your bike. It is advisable that the gear selection be compatible with your riding style. If you will be using your hybrid bike in flat terrains, a 1×8 will do. This is a simple bike with less maintenance issues. For those in hilly terrains, you will need a bike with an extensive range of gears. Advisably, settle on a bike with 3×7 gearing style.

Apart from the highlighted factors, you also need to consider other components such as suspension and brakes. For some people, the seats and tires also matter significantly when purchasing bikes. Even the wheel size can be an interesting factor worth considering. Most importantly, you must factor in the budget to ensure you buy a hybrid bike that is within your means.

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Top hybrid bikes reviews

Having looked at a couple of factors worth considering when buying a hybrid bike, it might be appropriate to delve into the specifics. So what are some of the best hybrid bikes in the market today? We will take a look at three top ones.


  • Vilano Diverse 3.0

For men, many reviewers from and other sites agree that this is the best hybrid bike in the market. It has amazing features and guarantees value for money. Its Shimano 24-speed drivetrain makes it a perfect bike for riding through sloppy surfaces. The bike also boasts of an irresistible look; the stealthy, simple black design is just awesome!


  • Tommaso La Forma Aluminum

If you are coming from a hilly region and you need a bicycle that will get you to work as fast as possible, La Forma has your back. It exhibits a 27-speed Shimano drivetrain making it a fast bike. The fiber carbon fork it has might be another interesting aspect about this bike. The fork dampens road vibrations giving a comfortable feel to the rider. The bike also features a WTB brand seat to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Charge Grater 1 Urban Bike

If you need a swift, convenient city bike, Charge has you covered. The bike is specifically designed for daily city commuters. It comes with an aluminum frame and a steel fork. In addition, the bike features a very comfortable seat. Notably, the 1×8 gear setup doesn’t make it a great bike for hilly terrains. In the city however, it offers great convenience.

Apart from the fact that cycling is fun, it is good for your health as well. An awesome choice of hybrid bicycle can make your commuting experience pleasurable while ensuring you remain healthy and fit every day.