Cannabis is a herbal drug that people have used for centuries for either recreational or medicinal use. Diverse opinions surround the plant and its applications. However, there are two main divides when it comes to thought about the plant and its consumption. Cannabis can indeed cause degeneration of brain cells over time. Overuse causes neurological issues as time goes by, which are nearly impossible to reverse. However, on the other hand, extracts such as CBD and CBDa greatly benefit your health and can cure several psychological and physical ailments. Let’s step back for a minute and consider the two compounds of cannabis.

Cannabis sativa has to main compounds that affect our body. THC is the compound responsible for you feeling the effects of the drug psycho actively, basically the substance which makes you feel the effects of cannabis intoxication. On the other hand, CBD and CBDa are substances that do not get you high and instead affect the body in more positive ways. They have been known to reduce stress, inflammation, and even dull the senses to pain. CBD is the pharmaceutical compound that benefits our health, While THC is what gives you the recreational kick.

CBDa is a relatively recent discovery, hence the reason you might not have ever heard of it. Moreover, since it is significantly harder to extract than THC and CBD, there has been relatively little research on cbda. However, the research which has come through is significant enough for doctors to recommend its usage. Moreover, it has significant effects in reducing nausea and even depression/anxiety in rats.
Here are five great benefits of CBDa for you to consider:

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Anti-inflammatory properties
After an injury, the compound helps in reducing inflammation around the site of the damage. Swelling and infections can be taken care of with CBDa creams and oils and can fast-forward the recovery process. That is great for athletes who are prone to injuries, especially those in contact sports. CBDa helps as it blocks the COX-2 enzymes which the body produces during inflammation. Rubbing balms or creams with CBDa is a crucial ingredient that can significantly benefit their health and recovery after trying to get over injuries and get back onto the field as soon as possible!

The lesser-known immunity booster
As with most cannabinoids, the substances bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains to mimic endocannabinoid systems’ actions. The CB1 receptors are responsible for effects related to our minds and nervous system. However, the CB2 receptors mainly interact with our immune system and overall health. Hence, you may see a boost in your immunity if you start consuming cannabinoids as a supplement.
Though you may not consume the supplement solely for an immunity boost, a boost in your overall health will come simply as a byproduct of consumption. Consider it similar to a low dosage multivitamin!

Pain Perception and CBDa
As earlier mentioned, the substance can significantly help with inflammation after an injury as it regulates the COX-2 enzyme. Along with control over inflammation, researchers find that it also relieves pain. For people ailing from muscle, bone, and joint issues, the substance helps you alleviate the symptoms and bring relief to your ailments. It helps in dulling the sense of pain and bring people suffering from arthritis, stiffness, or soreness significant relief. All the while, causing little to no side effects.

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Controlling Nausea
A significant area where CBDa has made a name for itself in recent times is the control of nausea. The findings related to nausea have been majorly substantial, and studies conducted on rodents suggest that the substance significantly reduces nauseous symptoms compared to regular CBD.
If you are susceptible to nausea while traveling, consider the CBDa supplements to curb the feeling. Better than having an embarrassing problem on your hands due to the effects of nausea, taking CBDa supplements in advance would greatly help you in reducing the sensation as a whole.

Anxiety reduction
Anxiety is an issue that plagues the majority of the population in some way or another. Whether it’s situational or generalized, coping with stress can have severe physical and psychological effects. An upset stomach, trembling, and feeling light-headed are some of the most common somatic complaints concerning anxiety.
CBDa can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms in those who are suffering from psychological illness. CBDa has anti-depressant/ anxiety effects on rats compared to regular CBD, even though it was as much as 100 times less.

Though cannabis’s reputation is somewhat tainted in general, the extracts can bring health benefits, which we would never have thought possible. Drugmakers harvest compounds from cannabis, which can help you in several avenues of your health from the psychological to the physical. New findings are coming in every day that shows how the plant can significantly benefit our health. All this without any harmful side effects and intoxication.