Five reasons of your headacheHave you ever noticed when exactly your headache started, and what was the reason? Does it bother you too often last time? Now, it is time to find out the reasons of this problem and stay away from it in future. Our best Pain Management Doctors in Long Island offer you five basic reasons of a headache in the modern world.  Analyze your daily routine carefully and you will find the answer.

Reason #1 Stress

In fact, stress and anxiety are the reasons of all human diseases, but a headache is the most widespread one. Every time something makes you lose your temper, take a deep breath and relax. Remember, nerve cells do not regenerate. Strong and long stress can provoke much more serious problems than headaches. For example eczema, psoriasis, balding, and nerve tic are the results of serious and prolonged stresses. Don’t let any small beer to ruin your life. For those people, who cannot control their emotions doctors recommend trying some soothing pills. Among other things, they will provide you with deep and long sleep.

Reason #2 Sharp lights

It can be anything from screen glare to natural sunlight, what irritates your eyes and force you to hide somewhere in a dark corner. Organize your working place wisely, it will improve your results and save from pain. You should also be more attentive to your desk lamp. There is no need to be greedy buying it because you invest in your health.

Reason #3 Noises

Whether you are working at some, very loud place, or simply listen to music, it can cause a headache. Turn the music off, or go outside to take a breath and release your thoughts. Loud noises and productive work never go together, so you are to choose what is more important for you: good music or effective labor. Except for those cases when you are trying to escape routine sounds at work, wearing headphones.

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Reason #4 Lack of sleep

If you don’t sleep enough for you body and mind to rest, it will lead to major health problems in 100% cases.  So, put all your problems away, when it is time to go to bed. Of course, it is OK to watch some interesting TV show until midnight, but by no means should you take it as a habit. Remember, you can always watch a record on the Internet, but your body will never piece out lost power.

Reason #5 Unhealthy eating

What was the last thing you have eaten? If your answer is “coffee”, it is not the best thing to do. Unhealthy food, full of fats and carbohydrates prevent normal functioning of your organism in general, what leads to headaches. Try to eat more useful fruits and vegetables, besides it is s tasty!

Make an appointment with  for better results. Remember: a regular strong headache is an alarming sign of serious problems with your health, so don’t protract with finding out what is the reason.