Foot Fungus 5 Ways to Fight Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot is a type of fungal infection that can easily be caught. It tends to be characterized by a red, scaly rash that causes itching or burning sensations. This condition is definitely unpleasant, but you do not have to be stuck with it. There are many ways to treat athlete’s foot.

Try over the Counter Creams

There are many different brands of anti-fungal creams and gels that can be purchased without a prescription or a visit to a clinic like the Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois. Find one at your local pharmacy, and follow the instructions on the box. These may take up to six weeks for your infection to heal.

Rub on Tea Tree Oil

Made from an Australian species of tree, tea tree oil is renowned for its ability to fight fungus and bacteria. It can be rubbed on the feet twice a day to fight the fungus and reduce scaliness. Depending on the concentration of the oil you get, you may need to dilute it before use.

Soak Your Feet in Green Tea

Green tea is a natural anti-fungal substance, so it can help to get rid of athlete’s foot. It is also packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, so it will calm the itching and burning sensations of athlete’s foot. To use green tea for athlete’s foot, steep six bags of tea in enough water for a foot bath, and then soak your feet for ten to 15 minutes.

Take Anti-Fungal Remedies

Some types of athlete’s foot may require both topical and oral treatments. You can speed up your recovery by also consuming anti-fungal remedies. You can find anti-fungal pills as over the counter medications, or you can try taking garlic pills because they contain ajoene, a natural substance helps your body fight fungus.

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Keep Your Feet Dry

Even though this does not cure most types of athlete’s foot, it will help to prevent the fungus from spreading. If possible, avoid wearing shoes that enclose your entire foot. When you do need to wear enclosed shoes, sprinkle baking soda in them to soak up excess moisture.

Keep in mind that every case of athlete’s foot is different, and some will not respond to home remedies or over the counter medicines. If your case of athlete’s foot does not clear up within six weeks, you will need to seek professional help. Licensed podiatrists have plenty of experience treating athlete’s foot, so they will be able to treat you efficiently.