Four Conditions that Rear an Ugly Head Before 30

Turning the page on your 20s marks a notable milestone for most of us. A clear career path is starting to take shape, financial stability is on the cusp if not already here, and maybe we’ve learned a valuable thing or two from a past relationship. Shifting into the next decade of life comes with plenty of pats on the back and attaboys/girls, but unexcepted changes lie in wait. From pesky crow’s feet to a noticeable silver lock (or seven), there are physical changes to look out for before hitting the big 3-0.


The physical signs of aging are often expedited by external factors, including but not limited to sun exposure, harsh weather conditions, and taking lackluster care of the skin. A breakdown of elastin and collagen combine to leave an otherwise youthful face tainted with visible lines and wrinkles. Areas like the upper lip, corners of the mouth or eyes, and forehead are all common for showing early signs of aging.

Combatting wrinkles before turning 30 can be as simple as protecting the skin from excessive sun damage by using sunscreen or avoiding the tanning bed. Additionally, implementing a smart skin care routine that includes daily cleansing and moisturizing helps keep wrinkles and unsightly lines at bay. Maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle also lend a hand in keeping your 20-something appearance up to par.

Weight Gain

Packing on the pounds is a common issue as we age. For some, a slowed metabolism means the body has a more challenging time burning excess calories, leading to extra fluff around the abdomen, upper arms or thighs. Others simply engage in less healthy lifestyle choices like poor diet and minimal active time, due to a busier schedule or a waning energy level.

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Gaining weight is rarely a comfortable experience, but methods to battle the bulge are plentiful. Plan a walk or bike commute to work a few times each week, or park further away from your destination to get in a few extra steps each day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or join an exercise studio or gym with a friend. Avoid the crash diets at all costs, and focus on fueling the body for each day instead of indulging in every meal to help stave off unnecessary pounds.

Varicose Veins

Unsightly bulges from varicose veins may not cross many 20-somethings’ minds, but vein issues affect both men and women well before they reach retirement years. A genetic predisposition may cause varicose veins to rear an ugly head for some individuals, while others may experience vein dysfunction due to being overweight, being pregnant, regularly lifting heavy weights or spending an exorbitant amount of time on their feet.

Varicose veins appear because of excess pressure placed on the veins within the legs, causing blood to pool. Over time, the veins weaken and unattractive bulging is apparent just beneath the skin. Combatting varicose veins before turning 30 starts with maintaining a healthy weight by getting adequate physical activity in each week. Avoiding prolonged periods of standing or sitting also helps in fighting varicose veins, as does wearing compression stockings or massaging the legs after a long day on your feet.

Gray Hair

When cells stop producing pigment, hair strands begin to shift to gray. Premature gray hair can show up as early as the mid-20s for some, with the root cause of graying hair linked more to genetic makeup than external factors like stress. While it does not represent a pressing medical condition, it may cause an uneasiness about your overall appearance.

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There are no remedies for stopping gray hair from coming in – only options for covering it up. Both semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes are common for those going gray early on. Some hair products offer a temporary solution for day to day use as well.

Turning 30 may not be all it’s cracked up to be when unexpected physical changes take place, seemingly overnight. To maintain a youthful glow, it is best to focus on a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and a smart diet first, followed closely by shifts to your other routines based on the tips and tricks listed above.