Detoxification is something health advocates have been recommending for a long time. The idea of cleansing the body has historically been with fasting. Modern research and health advocates have also come up with some new ways to help rid the body of toxins and harmful substances.


Lemon Water Fast

Traditionally, fasting was the ritual used to cleanse and detoxify the body. Most of the world’s major religions include some kind of fasting ritual. A water-only fast is recommended by some health advocates because it is the purest form of fasting. Even if you decide not to go with a total fast, drinking an abundance of water daily can go a long way to promoting detoxification. Adding lemon gives the water a boost of flavor and health benefits. Avoid hydration alternatives like sports drinks or flavored waters.

Fasting does some beneficial things to the body. Primarily, it gives the digestive system a chance to rest and recover. The digestive system bears most of the weight of diets and the toxins that unavoidably come with them. No matter how healthy a person’s diet is normally, it can be beneficial to give these body systems a break.

A fast also forces the body to begin metabolizing fat. Many of the toxins that enter the body and cannot be easily removed are bound up in fat cells. This is the body’s way of containing these harmful substances. As long as they are stuck in the fat, they won’t do as much damage. When the body is forced to metabolize the fat cells, it is also forced to release and deal with the toxins stored there. When fasting is done correct, the toxins are excreted normally.

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Short Juice Fast

A juice fast is something that is on many people’s health radar. Unfortunately, many people perform a juice fast incorrectly or for too long a period. Juice fasts accomplish many of the same things as a water-only fast, but since the body is still being provided with some nutrients and carbohydrates, many health advocates recommend a juice fast over a water-only fast.

The important thing is that these fasts are kept short. A prolonged juice fast may do more harm than good because it does not provide the body with the necessary amounts of protein and fat. Your body will begin breaking down muscle to make up the difference. A few days of fasting is just enough to flush the body without causing undue harm.

Most juice fasts are not total fasts. Very thin soups or broths, such as miso soup, and light meals of rice and vegetables are also included. Remember that the point of these fasts is to cleanse the body and optimize incoming nutrition, not to starve it of all calories.

Sauna and Exercise

A sauna, rigorous exercise or both are excellent ways to detoxify the body. Sweat is actually a major detoxification system. When sweat glands release sweat, they often carry large amounts of toxins with them. Heavy metals and various chemicals have all been found in sweat.

A sauna is a great way to get a lot of sweating done regardless of your fitness level. That said, anything that makes you sweat will have the same effect. This is just another reason why regular vigorous exercise is so healthful. A very important step in this detox is to take a shower and get well cleaned right after. Remember, your body has just offloaded a huge amount of toxins. These toxins don’t evaporate like the water in your sweat. If they are not washed off in a timely fashion, then the skin will be forced to reabsorb them.

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Colon Cleanse Enema

Many people focus on the mouth when thinking about detox and forget the importance of the oppose end. The colon is a major accumulation center for ingested toxins. While detoxifying diets also help to cleanse the colon, it can be beneficial to approach the problem the other way. Enemas help to flush the colon directly. One of the best forms of enema is a coffee enema. Coffee is absorbed into the colon and has a powerfully stimulating effect on both the colon and the liver. Proponents state that it is one of the best ways to achieve a liver detox.

Detoxification is a powerful tool for health when done correctly. It can be most beneficial to perform a variety of different detox processes, although not all at once. Combined with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, detoxifying the body goes a long way to prevent disease and prolong life.