Meals in a day are very important. So, why we don’t spend a little time to prepare healthy breakfast, delicious lunch, and hearty dinner right now. The simple recipe and requirement – garlic cheese pasta can a perfect choice for a meal in a day yours. Aside from that, there are also some other cases that you can try for your pasta. Let’s learn!

Making Garlic Cheese Pasta Easily and Some Special Cases to Try

How to Make Garlic Cheese Pasta

What we need:

  • Spaghetti ~ 1 lb
  • Butter ~ ¼ cup
  • Garlic ~ 5 cloves (they must be minced)
  • Grated Fontina cheese ~ one cup
  • Fresh parsley ~ ½ cup (it is chopped)


Garlic cheese pasta

  1. First, cooking pasta follows the guidelines on the packing. Meanwhile, it uses a skillet to melt the butter and simmer at the low heat. Then, it continues adding the garlic. It starts cooking and sometimes stirs until you recognize the released and flavored garlic ~ ten minutes. It avoids letting the garlic brown and needs to keep the low heat.
  2. The next, it drains pasta and puts in a bowl. You shall toss it with the garlic butter until coated. It adds parsley and cheese after tossing until all the ingredients combined.

Some Other Cases

If we can invest the money you save on some good nonstick cookware to make your kitchen nicer, we should also equip a little. In case we don’t have cheese or even cream, what must we do? Look at here, we have some ingredients to replace.

  • White beans blend well

Saying to white beans, great northern beans or cannellini, for example, they are creamy and soft, so it will be ideal for pureeing them to make the pasta sauce.

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Similar to chocolate covered Katie, you make it thin with milk a bit. Then, the flavor is punched up with garlic powder, a little apple cider vinegar, nutritious yeast, and olive oil.

  • Come with avocado

Using puree avocado to add to your pasta sounds surprising. Yes, it’s true. You only take for twenty minutes to prepare and can serve right away. It combines avocado with olive oil, basil, and garlic. Like that, you have got a sauce like pesto. Then, you continue tossing them your spaghetti, nuts, and cherry tomatoes. Yummy!

Weird sauce with avocado

  • Go nutritious with seed

Either sesame seed or tahini paste makes the taste not only hummus but also velvety and rich. Of course, you can similarly do for the pasta. By blending tahini with soy sauce, maple syrup, almond milk, lemon juice, and paprika, you will have got a dairy-free sauce. Then, it drizzles a little the roasted red pepper on the top of your spaghetti. This makes your pasta look better.

  • The cauliflower option

Would you like to crave Fettuccine Alfredo? So, you should try this recipe – it simmers the cauliflower with vegetable, cashews, and nutritious yeast until they soften. Hence, you will puree that mixture with garlic roasted. All in all, you shall get a preferred sauce for your pasta.

  • Try some tofu

This texture sounds weird. But, it can entirely use it for your pasta, even the noodles, lasagna, stuffed shells or cannelloni. Initially, tofu needs to be pureed with a creamy. Then, you add white beans a bit to get more creaminess. Continuously, it adds lemon zest, and garlic in order to increase the flavor.

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Tofu – healthy sauce

  • Add the nuts

It is sure that you will have got a perfect sauce with the sweet flavor and the soft texture, by using the raw cashews. First of all, you need to soak the cashews overnight. In this way, your sauce will have a smoother texture.

You will puree them with warm vegetable broth, a pinch of apple cider vinegar, and roasted garlic. It covers them on your spaghetti, along with leeks and broccoli. It looks delicious, right?

  • Make the sauce with risotto

If it wants the risotto to get the creamy texture, you must slowly add a little warm water. By this way, the starch will be released in the rice grains. And then, you likely apply it for your pasta.

It adds a little cheese and milk. In case it wants the whole dairy-free one, it probably uses unsweetened almond milk to replace the cheese. In additional to that, either chopped olives or nutritious yeast is also utilized to replace salty garnish.

Do you know how to make garlic cheese pasta? Obviously, though there has or no cheese, you still have the replacement ingredients. Let’s try!