At the present time, most of the pharmacists will be familiar as well as related to the concept or idea of GP practices or GP SURGERIES. Moreover, it provides a wide range of repeat suggestion or prescription towards a patient who are totally relying on the result of a medical. On the other hand,   most of the pharmacists cite are coordinated as well as working with their local surgery.

Therefore, some advantages of collaborative working:

  1. In a fundamental manner, a perfect step towards integration with the primary care team.
  2. In addition, smoothing the steps or way to establish new services that provide fresh income streams. As an example, a decent relationship between with the local surgery always helps with the practice based commissioning.
  3. In essence, patient recognition of new roles helps others to increase the footfall as well as loyalty.

In an ideal manner, the initial stage in building a closer as well as good relationship with local GP practices or GP SURGERIES is to understand their way how they cord initiate and operate. As a matter of fact, it is a practice which is known as group partnership practice or single handed practice. , moreover, patients are always searching for, being a receptionist for booking appointments in respect of ordering changing personal details or medicines. In addition. They provide practice nurse who mainly care about routine check up as well as immunization for elderly patients. As an example, measurement of blood pressure. In or related to GP practice. Meanwhile, they are not an employer of GPs.

Knowledge regarding GP SURGERIES

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In a gradual way, it is very essential, for community pharmacists have a know; an edge or awareness in respect of responsibilities as well as the roles of each member of their practice staff. At the end, it helps to accompanying pressures. Apart from this, practice is generally faced with the challenge of in respect to meet the various targets under the guidelines of general medical services contracts. On the flip side, there is some difference in the manner of remuneration that is categorized in the wales, England, Nothern Island, Scotland. Moreover, the contract of each country is similar in content as well as based on outcomes and quality. On the other hand, it is completely based on the sets of national standards that probably are the best available evidence. As a result, it allows a maximum number of reward points for achieving its each standard. For instance, a practice claim six decent points for producing a register of all patients in respect of patients diagnosed with the Mellitus as well as  further three points may be claimed if ninety percent   of patients have an equivalent past record in  respect of last fifteen months. As a result, every practice staff will contribute their points towards QOF targets. Moreover, factors in respect to of blood pressure reading and smoking status counts towards the QOF remuneration. Nevertheless, each practice member will contribute towards QOF targets.

Conclusion: Nowadays, most of the pharmacists are familiar as well as related to the concept or idea of GP practices or GP SURGERIES. Moreover, it provides a perfect step towards integration with the primary care team

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