All the parents take care of each kid of theirs like there’s no tomorrow. From buying the coziest fleece to wrap that baby to diapers, baby oils to baby shampoos and what not. But somehow, when it comes to kids and their oral health, we often seem to overlook this crucial factor. Oral hygiene is utmost important when it comes to kids, and experts at Pediatric Dentistry believe that it forms the base for a healthy lifestyle in times to come.

There are a lot of reasons why dental and oral hygiene shouldn’t be ignored. It doesn’t stop if your kid stays popping candies or goes easy on summer ice popsicles. Problems like cavities, tooth decay, and swollen gums are so common that they occur to toddlers as and when their first tooth blooms out. So it’s not always hard candies’ fault—sometimes, all your kid needs is a dental checkup.

The dentists at Kids Happy Teeth are nothing less than wizards, casting smiles on faces of kids all over Duluth, Georgia. They take pediatric dentistry as seriously as it is because handling kids is not easy. Dental problems make it tough for kids to make it through the day, they can’t even chew food properly, and the worst part, no sweet-stuff.

It is crucial to prevent these misfortunes from getting in your kid’s mouth. Hence, you have to take your kid to the dentist regularly. Not only does a pediatric dentist examine the child’s oral health, but s/he keeps your kid pacified amidst whirring machines and shining lights. A pediatric dentist has more training than a regular dentist who treats adults. Gear up for the next dentist’s visit—visit the Pediatric Dentistry and show your child that you care!

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Just Pediatric Dentist Things

Every doctor’s appointment, be it with a pediatric dentist or with a surgeon or only a regular dentist, begins with a few questions. A pediatric dentist, however, asks questions that help your child in getting comfortable with the process. For instance, the dentists at Kids Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry explain the whole procedure to keep kids in a loop and tell them about what’s about to happen.

Here are a few things a pediatric dentist works on and delivers advice about:

Oral Hygiene

When it comes to dental health, good oral hygiene is essential. They say that Charity Begins at Home, and parents have a primary responsibility of ensuring dental hygiene on kids. We are going to talk in details about the good dental habits, but brushing your kid’s teeth, teaching them how to floss and mouthwash might be a high starting point.

Fluoride Needs

Fluoride is the best way to prevent cavities. Any good toothpaste doesn’t shy away from showing its USP, and children have their unique fluoride needs to be catered. A pediatric dentist, after running all tests, recognizes what’s best suited for little patient’s teeth when it comes to toothpaste. Dental cavities are an epidemic, and the best way to prevent them is fluoride, which explains its importance.

Oral Habits

Brushing one’s teeth twice a day doesn’t compensate for everything. For a child, the daily dose of oral habits decides on his/her dental hygiene for times to come. Keep everything in your kid’s schedule—floss, mouthwash and brushing too. Make sure s/he follows these oral habits religiously.

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At this tender age, kids learn, grow, and develop every single day. These developmental milestones have a direct impact on oral hygiene. The best example of this is milk teeth; they’re so prone to cavities and toothaches that pediatric dentists pay particular attention to them. In case your child is crossing developmental milestones, do visit the pediatric dentist at least once a month.


Is your baby showing signs of high fever and is crying for no reason at all? Well, there’s a chance that s/he’s teething. The best way to check is by examining swollen hums. Teething pains deviously hurt the baby, and the best way to tackle them ASAP is by consulting the dentist. Identifying teething signs is easy. Some of the indications that show the baby teething are:

–    Swollen gums

–    Mild fever

–    A baby chewing on hard things

–    Fussiness

–    Excessive drooling

–    Changing sleep patterns

Although we mentioned some of the best reasons to visit a pediatric dentist, it doesn’t mean that you should only take your kids to a pediatric dentist when these situations arise. Prevention is better than cure, and that’s why you should schedule regular visits with a pediatric dentist. As for the best pediatric dentist in Duluth Georgia, think no more than Kids Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry. All pediatric dentists are extraordinarily qualified and members of the American Dental Association.