Did you ‘forget’ to do your workout this morning? Did you fail to remember to workout yesterday, as well? It happens, especially when people lead busy lives like you. This is not to say that you can’t make an easy-to-stick-to fitness plan and train yourself to stay with it. Ask any real woman who’s learned the following tips and tricks, and she will tell you that even little changes can make a big difference. Here are some of our favorites.

It’s never too late to start a fitness program

Chelsea, age 26 years, is a real woman who recently completed the Self magazine Tone It Up Challenge. The energetic young mom’s top recommendation for other real women who want to regain their firm figure is to listen to motivating music, rev it up and just go for it. “Everyone has to start somewhere, so just be confident in yourself and go for it! It’s never too late to start,” she told Self readers.

Katie’s 26 years old, too. The Baltimore, Maryland resident notes that finding a support group of like-minded women who are also very much interested in physical fitness kept her motivated even when she was not in the mood to work out. She told Self magazine, “There are people putting themselves out there every day who will celebrate your victories and will be there to relate when you struggle to get through a workout.” Katie also recommends that women set an early alarm and get a good workout in before anything else in the day.

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Make yourself a priority

No, putting your fitness at the top of your to-do list is not an act of selfishness. In fact, taking good care of your health and well-being provides the energy required to better take care of a family and other obligations.

You don’t have to join a gym in order to enjoy a healthy workout every day. You might even find yourself more inspired to lift weights or hop on an elliptical if you had a home gym of your own. If you need help choosing the right home gym, consider your personal fitness goals. If you want to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health, you may wish to invest in a treadmill or a stationary bicycle. If toning and strengthening are your goals, consider machines that offer weight lifting.

Don’t be fooled by weight loss myths

There are plenty of them out there, and few if any are an effective means of losing pounds and keeping them off. If losing weight were as easy as taking a tablet before meals, every overweight woman would do it, right? Health magazine offers a number of savvy ideas that may help you shed excess pounds and tone your body all over.

As Chelsea mentioned, the number one tip for sticking with a fitness regimen is to just do it. It only takes a few weeks of daily practice to build a wonderful new habit.

Amelie Grant made some lifestyle changes after her weight kept creeping up and she had to face some harsh health truths. Since that day she has made exercise a part of her daily life and now shares her tips and ideas with other like-minded women.

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