Health and Warmth How Your Homes Temparature Can Affect Your Health

Winter is rapidly approaching and if your home is not properly heated the arctic chill can affect you in several ways. Cold air can seep through windows, doors, and the roof which can ultimately affect your home’s climate. If your furnace is not set at a temperature that can heat each room evenly the consequences will be evident in your inability to ward off illnesses. This problem could also suggest that your furnace needs to be checked for malfunctioning parts. Otherwise, your heating bill may be higher than you expect and you may have to deal with the health problems listed below.

Respiratory Problems

If you or your family members are easily affected by cool air, you may wake up feeling congested. Although you may think you can shake off a few sniffles here and there, if left untreated low temperatures in your home may cause colds, flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

These illnesses can lower your productivity and last longer than expected. Although over-the-counter medicines and doctor prescribed medications are available, your home can continue to affect your health throughout the winter and spring. The fluctuation of these ailments can reduce your quality of life leaving little time for you to enjoy the seasons.

Sleep Disturbances

When temperatures are low in a home your ability to get a good night’s rest can be hard to achieve. The cool air that drifts through the room can create challenges when you’re trying to generate enough body heat to accommodate your resting time.

If you or your family members suffer from insomnia, a cold house can increase your inability to sleep. Reaching out to a heating specialist, like Pacific Heating and Cooling or another HVAC company near you, can help you make sure your heating system is functioning correctly so to help you sleep peacefully. Additionally, if you don’t have the type of clothing on that can shield drafts, like socks, you’ll struggle to sleep peacefully.

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Steps to Take to Reduce Illness

Depending on where you live, the climate can change frequently putting you and your family at risk for seasonal allergies and other ailments. The combination of healthy foods, adequate clothing, and a warm home can keep your immune system strong. Home weatherization can also reduce your health and medical expenses.

Although being in sickness-free environments is not guaranteed while you’re away from home, the proactive plan you implement to protect your family while you’re at home can save you time when you don’t have to make a trip to the hospital or the doctor’s office. Staying ahead of the weather by preparing your home to resist cold temperatures can be a safeguard for your health.