Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has numerous health benefits

The term chocolate has a magic that brings happiness to any sad soul. It has mingled with our tradition in some way to share success, joyful and any happy moments that life brings us. This article educates readers with the healthy benefits of delicious dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is also known as Dark chocolate or plain chocolate. Black chocolate is actually prepared by adding sugar and fat to cocoa. It has no milk content or very little milk content added to it and it comes in different varieties: bittersweet chocolate and semisweet chocolate.

Benefits of eating dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains essential nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium and is also abundant in vitamins B1, D, C, E and A. Dark chocolate contains high quantity of magnesium which protects against heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. Dark chocolate also contains flavonoids i.e. Vitamin P which are widely distributed among plants. Flavonoids are known for their antioxidant properties. They produce Nitric oxide which helps reduce blood pressure. Flavonoids also help maintain hormonal balance in body.

They help prevent cholesterol from accumulating into blood vessels. The amount of flavonoids in plain chocolate is more than those present in black tea, green tea, blue berries and red wine. Standard manufacturing can destroy up to half of the flavonoids in cocoa. However, chocolate manufacturing companies are now making chocolate which retains around 95% of flavonoids.

Flavonoids comprise of procyanidines and flavonols. After consuming black chocolate, the antioxidant status within the blood gradually increases and this can help protect blood vessels and heart from damage. Flavonoids also protect DNA from being damaged which can lead to cancer. Procyanidines in dark chocolate can improve the functioning of your system and the flow of blood vessels and also helps in controlling inflammation. Plain chocolate is abundant in catechins, which are powerful antioxidants that can help fight against cancer causing cells and also prevents heart disorders.

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Studies indicate that dark chocolate can suppress the level of cholesterol. Cocoa butter in dark chocolate contains mono unsaturated fat and oleic acid. Oleic acid in dark chocolate can increase HDI levels (good cholesterol) and reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) level up to 10%. Phenyl ethyl amine in chocolate can elevate the mood of the person.

Chocolate boosts serotonin of our brain which initiates positive feelings. It also boosts endorphin levels produced by pituitary glands.

Research studies also indicate that black chocolate can reduce stress levels. It was noticed that eating one ounce of half the plain chocolate a day for a period of two weeks can reduce level of stress for people who are stressed.

It can reduce artery hardening in smokers. Ultrasound scans revealed the fact that dark chocolate improved smoothness of arterial blood flow and this effect lasted for few hours. However, it is necessary to quit smoking to avoid the risk of coronary heart disease.

Dark chocolate is proven to be beneficial for stroke victims as well. Plain chocolate is also good for cirrhotic patients as it can reduce blood pressure in liver.

Black chocolate is helpful to boost cognitive skills and sharpen your mind as well. It increases blood flow thereby improving the performance of brain. Studies also proved the fact that dark chocolate can lessen cravings for fatty and oil foods thereby helping you to manage your weight.

These are the most important healthy benefits of eating few bits of black chocolate. It can elevate your mood and provide ample amounts of joy in your happy moments. Healthy balanced diet is also essential to lead a healthy lifestyle and it is better to replace unhealthy foodstuffs with dark chocolates. However, dark chocolate is beneficial if taken in limited quantity.

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