A type of exercise that comprises of numerous poses for building muscle strength and endurance is defined as yoga. The origins of yoga can be traced back to India, which was introduced as a way to discipline the body and mind. Eventually, this method of popularity gained considerable popularity in the Western world and developed a reputation of being an effective method for exercising and staying in shape. The beauty of yoga is that its practice can offer a multitude of physical as well as mental benefits. Traditionally, practitioners of yoga in India used this exercise for helping them attain Moksha. This is defined as a type of mental and spiritual enlightenment.

Today, yoga is practiced by millions of people all over the world because of the various health benefits associated with it, for adults and children alike. Some of the prominent benefits are discussed below:

Physical Benefits

There are a horde of physical benefits that can be associated with yoga such as muscle tone, strength, flexibility, pain prevention, muscle tone and better breathing. Because some of the poses of yoga are highly demanding and can provide greater flexibility in all the muscles of the body. It is demanded by majority of the yoga poses that the body provides support to its own weight for long periods of time. This leads to increased strength in the chest, back, leg and arm muscles. Long and lean muscles can be shaped by yoga, which leads to noticeable muscle tone.

Better breathing habits are also promoted by the practice of yoga, leading to deeper breathing, which is known to strengthen the lungs. Yoga also prevents pain in the back because it increases the general strength and flexibility of an individual. Better health is promoted through all these aspects. Furthermore, although it may seem unlikely, it has been substantiated through research that yoga helps in losing weight and preventing weight gain in the long run.

Mental Benefits

A general sense of calmness and stress reduction are the prominent mental health benefits of yoga. Many meditation techniques are involved in yoga, which are highly useful in bringing calmness to the mind. Greater concentration is also promoted through this calming effect. In addition, stress relief is also enabled because of the calm meditative techniques of yoga.

Majority of the yoga poses require a greater concentration for performing them, which is very beneficial in relieving stress because it helps the individuals in forgetting about past-troubles and daily anxieties that cause stress. It has also been established through various studies that yoga is very useful in combating depression. Moreover, as far as kids are concerned, yoga was also beneficial for children who suffer from ADHD i.e. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Yoga helps these children in being less hyperactive and more focused, which leads to a reduction in the amount of emotional outbursts and oppositional behavior that’s commonly exhibited. Even sleep patterns can be improved with the help of yoga, keeping individuals fresh and healthy for long term.

Thus, practicing yoga on a regular basis can bring lots of benefits for people.