5 Benefits Of Cycling

Consistent exercise is an essential part of physical health. But doing the same exercise over and over can get boring. Cycling may be just what you need to maintain healthy workouts while breaking up the boredom. Here are five benefits of cycling to consider.

Easy On Joints

One of the most common forms of exercise is running. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most injury prone. Shin splints, torn muscles and sprained ankles are just a few of the many challenges that joggers face. Cycling still gives an excellent cardio workout like running without all of the stress on the joints of the body.

Dual Purposes

Those running or swimming generally do nothing but work out while exercising. Cycling offers the advantage of being able to commute to work if the distance is short or of running errands. There are endless places you can go to accomplish your daily tasks if you just plan ahead. All the while you’ll raise your heart rate and improve your health. It’s important to be safe on busy roads. Timing your errands or commute can help and so can looking into a different route. Avoid winding roads with no shoulder whenever possible.

Cheap Transportation

There’s no insurance or gas to worry about when cycling. You also can cut down on the wear and tear on your vehicle by doing so. However, it’s important to obey all traffic laws to avoid injury. If you do get hurt while cycling. Another good idea is to figure out how much you save on a weekly or monthly basis by cycling. Once you have that number, use the money you saved for something to benefit your health. It can be an article of clothing, a new gadget for your bike or some healthy food.

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Any age

If you pay attention to everyone who cycles you’ll make an interesting discovery. The very youngest to the oldest benefit from this form of exercise. Because it’s so easy on the joints the elderly benefit greatly. Children love the feeling of adventure and independence they gain.

Cross Training

Cycling, when combined with other exercises, will give you a healthier, stronger body than if you only use one form of exercise. Running, swimming and cycling along with a steady weight routine will yield remarkable results.

If you give cycling a try, you won’t be disappointed. The scenery and fresh air will invigorate you. All the while you’ll love the fact you’re improving your health at the same time.