Home Remedies to Cure Mononucleosis

Mononucleosis is an infectious skin disease which is spread by a virus named Epstein Barr. This kind of virus is found in saliva and mucus which is spread when coughing, sneezing etc. This kind of disease is mostly seen in children as they are more vulnerable to viral infections and certain symptoms of mononucleosis are found more in children when compared to adults. There is no vaccination for curing mononucleosis. However, there are certain effective natural home remedies which can help cure the symptoms of mononucleosis. Here are few such home remedies which are cost effective and cause no side effects as well.


Garlic is an effective remedy to help cure mononucleosis easily. Eating raw garlic cloves can provide some relief from this condition. This is one best remedy which can help treat this viral and infectious disease which is spread from saliva and mucus.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a one such effective remedy that can help treat mononucleosis and its symptoms. Consume two spoons of coconut oil daily in the morning and evening as well to treat this disease effectively. Follow this remedy till you see visible results.

Ginseng root:

Ginseng root is well known for its medicinal properties which can help treat several diseases including mononucleosis. Take equal proportions of burdock root, ginseng root, cayenne and goldenseal root and add them in three cups of plain water. Let it boil till it reduces to half the initial quantity. Allow the solution to cool. Strain the solution and consume this medicine daily in the morning to treat mononucleosis and its symptoms.

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Cranberry juice:

Cranberry is one such essential home remedy which can help cure mononucleosis. Drink around 30mL of cranberry juice daily for a week. Don’t add sugar to it. Follow this remedy till you see visible results within a month.


Gargling can help cure throat infections. This technique can also help treat mononucleosis. Take a glass of salt water and use it to gargle and get rid of mononucleosis within few days. Add around 5-10gm of salt to 250ml warm water. Use this solution to gargle and this treatment can help soothe your sore throat and also help treat mononucleosis. You can also use throat lozenges and hard candies which can give an instant relief from this disease.


Aromatherapy can help treat this condition easily. You can also add bergamot oil, eucalyptus or lavender oil to the water your bathe and this treatment can help treat this infectious disease easily. This technique can also provide relief from body pain as well.

Fluid intake:

Regular intake of fluids and water content can help cure mononucleosis. Drink around 8-10 glasses of plain water daily. Also include fresh vegetables and fresh fruit juices besides drinking barley water and coconut water. Certain changes in your regular diet can also help cure mononucleosis naturally.