Gow To Get Beautiful Nails

Many people have serious problems with their nails. Some people might have problems even with short nails. You need to take care of your nails like the way you take care of yourself. This article provides readers with the home remedies to develop strong and healthy nails. This does not happen overnight unless you regularly take care of them besides undergoing spa treatments like pedicure and manicure.

Exposure to certain things daily can cause dry and brittle nails. For instance, using household cleaners without wearing gloves can damage your skin as well as your nails. To have a full set of healthy strong and unbroken nails, here are some Home remedies.

Extra virgin Olive oil:

Olive oil has all the essential benefits necessary for a healthy lifestyle. It is a traditionally used home remedy for treating nails. Brush your nails with extra virgin olive oil. Use a cotton swab to brush your nail both top and the underside of it. Massage the oil two or four times a day. This adds moisture to your nails and the massage can improve blood circulation.

Lemon juice:

Soak your nails in lemon juice for twenty minutes every day.  This can make your finger nails or toe nails grow strong. This will also remove the yellowness from your nails.


If you have dry and brittle nails, use a moisturizer to massage your hand and nails. Moisturize them every time after you wash your hands because your hands whenever exposed to water become dry. It can add instant shine and helps your nails to grow long and beautiful without cracks.

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Massage with glycerin for a few minutes and wash off. It attracts moisture to your skin and it also adds shine to your nails.

Vegetable oil:

Soak your nails in vegetable oil for a few minutes and massage it into cuticles. Frequent usage of this home remedy can improve your nail growth.

Mustard oil:

Dip your finger nails through warm and comfortable mustard oil for ten to twelve minutes. Rub each of them slowly and massage them gently so that blood circulation takes place. Daily execution of this method can help make your fingernails and toenails grow strong and fit.

Rock salt and castor oil:

Combine two tablespoons of rock salt, two tablespoons of castor oil, one tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Rub a small amount of it into your nails.


It is a natural ingredient that acts as a good cleanser as well as a nourishing tonic. Soak your nails in milk to clean dirt from your nails. Take a few tablespoons of milk and soaks your nails for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash them with cold water. Moisturize with a petroleum jelly or any baby oil. This prevents nails from cracking and weakening.

Like your skin, your nails also need some extra care and love. Just like your skin, they can dry and break. With these simple inexpensive home treatments, you can provide some extra nourishment to your nails and protect their beauty.