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What Is Sunburn? What Causes Sunburn?

Sunburn causes severe pain and the sun burnt area turns red due to rashes and swellings. The reason behind sun burns is due to the harmful UV rays of the sun and sun burns causes severe pain. To protect yourself from sun burns and other such disorders, you need to apply a sunscreen with sun protecting factor grater that 40 before you step out from home.

Ultra Violet rays are very harmful and can damage your skin. You need to wear full sleeves dress if it is too hot in order to protect yourself from the dangerous UV rays. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes and sensitive under eye skin from these rays. If this condition persists for a longer time, you need to consult your dermatologist. However, sunburn can also be cured by following many home remedies.

Here are few home remedies which can soothe the sunburnt area and cure sunburns as well.

Petroleum Jelly:

Use a branded petroleum jelly which can cure minor cuts, burns, scrapes etc. Apply a good quality petroleum jelly such as Bioline white on your sunburnt area. It can effectively cure sunburns. Try applying this petroleum jelly to see quick and visible results.

Moisturizing cold cream:

A branded moisturizing cold cream can moisturize your skin thereby making it look smooth and glowing.  A branded and a good quality moisturizing cream have many nutrients in it which can smoothen your skin. Apply a moisturizing skin cream or lotion on the sunburnt area. It can reduce itching and heals your sunburnt skin, if applied regularly.

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Fuller’s earth:

Prepare a fine paste of fuller’s earth with rose water and apply it over the sun burnt area. This paste when applied over your skin can create a soothing effect. This remedy when followed regularly can reduce symptoms like itching and rashes. You can also dip a cotton ball in rose-water and roll it over the sun burnt area. This remedy can heal your sun burnt skin and reduces itching.


Take a ripe banana and mash it. Apply this paste over the sun burnt area and leave it for few minutes. This remedy when practiced regularly can reduce sun burn symptoms such as itching, rashes etc thereby healing your sun burnt skin.

Sandalwood paste:

Prepare a fine paste of sandalwood powder and rose-water. Apply it over your sun burnt area. Sandalwood powder and rose-water have soothing properties which can soothe your sun burnt skin and heal your skin. Follow this remedy twice a day to see visible results.


Turmeric has healing properties and is also known for its antiseptic and anti bacterial properties. Prepare a paste of turmeric with milk and apply it over the sun burnt area to avoid symptoms such as itching and rashes. Turmeric can heal your skin within few days, if this remedy is practiced twice a day.

Follow all these home remedies and see visible results. Besides following these remedies, drink lots of water and fluids to keep your body hydrated and nourished.