People who suffer from injuries and medical conditions are recovering and surviving longer than ever in recorded human history, to some extent. This boost in longevity is largely due to the innovative breakthroughs in modern medical technology and the devices created that help to produce positive healthcare outcomes.

IV Pumps

An IV pump, or infusion pump, is a medical marvel in regards to the successful infusion of intravenous medications, liquids, or transfusions. An IV pump is an electronic device that will administer shots of medication or nutrients into a patient’s drip bag with careful precision and accuracy. An IV pump can inject medications into a patient’s drip bag in small or large doses and at specific time intervals throughout the day or night. This constant administration of medications and/or nutrients allows patients to recover quickly and with less chance of human error.

Vital Signs Monitor

Whether you go into the hospital for surgery or for a minor injury, you’re going to find yourself hooked up to a vital signs monitor. These electronic devices perform myriad medical processes which include: monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, and many other vital signs that will help doctors and nurses determine your current medical status. These devices will also alert medical staff if any of your vital signs drop to concerning or dangerous levels in order to prevent coma, injury, and death.

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Devices

Whenever a medical patient undergoes surgery, a set of compressors are placed around the patient’s legs. These compressors will massage the legs to increase blood circulation through the legs while the patient is unconscious during surgery. These leg compressors are known as intermittent pneumatic compression devices. These devices serve an important purpose—to prevent the formation of blood clots or DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in the legs. During surgery, you are heavily sedated. This sedation slows your heart rate and, therefore, your circulation. This drop in circulation can lead to the formation of blood clots, especially in the legs. These blood clots will then remain in your circulatory system, often hidden, until they create serious, sometimes fatal, medical conditions.

X-Ray Generator

The creation of the X-ray generator changed the way that doctors diagnose and treat skeletal damage. It allows doctors to obtain a detailed examination of your bones to look for fractures or breaks that could be causing you pain or other medical conditions.

Thanks to the ingenuity and intelligent vision of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals, there are many medical devices that play a crucial role in the positive outcome of your healthcare.