If you are looking for something that can fight healthily with stress, depression and polluted air, then having a lamp can work for you. A lamp can fight with different physical ailments and mental health issues. Rock salt lamps are becoming popular as people recognize their benefits. These are the crystal salt orange/pink lamps that come in non-uniform shape and have a calming odor. A salt lamp with its modest glow can control different harmful things. These lamps not only provide a calming illumination in the room, but your nerves also start to relax.

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This is the small but informational article about a Himalayan salt lamp. Here you can learn different ways in which a lamp helps you to fight with anxiety and depression. Let’s have a look at what is a Himalayan salt lamp and how it works?

About Himalayan Salt Lamps

These lamps are made up of the real chunks and solid pieces of Himalayan salt. Some pieces of these lamps are also coated with real salt. A real Himalayan salt lamp has a cut in its middle where a small bulb or electric cod is installed for lightning. Rock salt lamp comes up in different color combinations. Never a Himalayan salt lamp has a single color. Orange/pink crystal Himalayan salt lamp is the most effective form. It can fight with not only environmental problems but also with mental and physical health problems of humans.


When you are looking for a salt lamp, and then make sure you are buying an original piece, not a fake one. Always look for the real chunks Himalayan salt lamp that has a glowing light illumination and it gives a very warm effect to any room. Himalayan salt comes in two different forms. One you can use it in forms of chunks and place them in your room or second is it powdered form that you can use in different recipes.

No doubt, there are hundreds of benefits having a rock salt lamp in your house. But the most important and prominent benefit is that it can fight with depression and anxiety attacks.

Reason for Anxiety and Depression

Our body is exposed to hundreds of positive and anxiety ions. The only reason behind the countless number of positive ions is the excessive use of modern technological devices (such as electronic items, mobile phones, cable wires and television). Different studies have proved that a real Himalayan salt lamp emits countless negative ions with its glowing light. The negative ions maintain and increase the flow of oxygen in the body, relax the tight nerves of the brain, make you calm and fill your body with positive energy. This is the reason that we might feel relaxed and calm near nature such as mountains, waterfalls, in parks and around seashores. These areas cleanse the area around use and maintain the over-flow of positive or harmful ions.

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Do Salt Lamps Work to Treat Health Problems

Nowadays, people are using Himalayan Real Salt Lamps in different therapies that fight with anxiety and depression attacks. Having a rock salt lamp around you mean, you are fighting with the negative vibes that promote depression and health issues. Let’s have a look at how the Himalayan salt lamp can control anxiety and depression and calm your nerves within no time.

Several Ways of Working of Pink Crystal Salt Lamp


Increases Body’s Energy Levels

Having low levels of energy? Not feel energetic to perform difficult tasks? A rock salt lamp can make you feel energetic with its glowing pink/orange light. Do you know what you feel outside, near the natures, on hiking sites, and around seashores? In these places, you are surrounded by positive vibes and negative ions that make you feel fresh and energetic. Then the natural air boosts and invigorates the system of your body and gives you a lot of energy.

This same rule also goes with Himalayan Salt lamp. Now you don’t have to feel drain and less energetic due to the positive ions that are continued to become due to electronic devices. Rock salt helps you to fight with insomnia and reduce fatigue. Keep in mind that reducing depression and anxiety with the Himalayan salt lamp is a slow procedure, and it might take a week to show its reaction to your health.

Fights with Stress

Are you feeling drained and stress?? Having so many positive ions around you can cause a heightened amount of stress. If your body is struggling with stress and if you are continuously failing to maintain a better mood throughout the day, then you need a pink Himalayan salt lamp in your house.

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Are you merely open your windows and don’t take enough fresh air daily? If yes, then it is one of the most prominent causes of stress that is converted into anxiety and depression attacks. Make sure you have placed this natural rock salt lamp in different places of your house. Moreover, make sure you are taking healthy food with enough fresh air.

Calms your Nerves

When the real Himalayan Salt Lamp neutralizes the positive ions, your brain starts to feel light. And its functioning ability automatically increases. This is the primary benefit of having a pink crystal salt lamp around you. It can also effectively fight with anxiety attacks and give you more energy to poke back the depression.


As we all know that a medium-size Himalayan salt lamp can cover the minimum radius, then make sure you have placed these lamps in various areas of your house. Having a lamp in the library helps you to focus more on your work.

Helps You Sleep Peacefully

No doubt, we all use night light but do you know these bulbs also have negative energies and emit positive ions that can make you feel low. Many people face difficulties in getting a peaceful sleep. But they don’t have to because rock salt lamp distracts your mind and help you to feel calm throughout the night. The soothing light of these lamps helps you to sleep faster and feel light. This is the reason many people feel fresh and light in the morning.

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The above-mentioned are all the common ways in which a real Himalayan salt lamp can fight with anxiety and depression attacks.