Our brain is one of the most complicated and fascinating parts of the human body. 

Researchers have spent years upon years uncovering the mysteries of the human brain yet are so far in discovering so many!!

Every human brain changes with age and mental function also changes with it as well.

Mental instability and decline are common threats and fears among aged people. But it has also been found that even young people are developing this issue as well. 

Therefore, here in this article, I’ll be giving you all the ways through which you can make your brain more active and functioning. 


1. Mental Stimulations Are Necessary

Through much research, scientists have found that intellectual activities encourage new connections between nerve cells and generate new cells responsible for cognition. 

These newly generated cells can help the brain to be functional and also helps to prevent the loss of future cells. 

When you keep yourself engaged with different sorts of brain-stimulating activities, your brain starts to develop. These activities might include puzzles, jumbled words, riddles, painting, drawings, and various other crafts. 


2. Workout, Physical Activities Or Exercises

In many pieces of research, it has been found; when you use your muscles, it drastically helps your mind. 

For those who exercise regularly, the small and tiny blood vessels start to increase in numbers.

These vessels are responsible for bringing oxygenated blood (oxygen-rich blood) to the brain area responsible for thought processes and thinking.

Not only that, but exercise also plays an essential role in developing new nerve cells. These cells then, in turn, build a connection between the brain cells, a.k.a synapses. 

Moreover, exercise even lowers your blood pressure, keeps the blood sugar in balance, helps in improving the levels of cholesterol, and reduces mental stress. 

Therefore, when you are regular with workouts and activities, your brain and heart stay active and healthy.


3. Give Attention To Your Diet

If you want to keep your mind and heart active and functioning, then one of the effective ways to maintain that is by including good nutrients in your diet. 

For instance, you can include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Unsaturated oils (olive oils)
  • Proteins

These foods will indeed boost and enhance the improvement and growth of your cognition. And even will reduce the chances of developing dementia or any sort of cognitive impairments.

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4. Light Therapy Can Be An Excellent Choice

Light therapy devices were mainly designed to treat patients with SAD, depressions, and sleeping disorders. 

But as these devices got advanced, it was later discovered that these devices can also be used in keeping the brain more active and functioning. 

It’s because these therapies affect the chemicals that are responsible for linking mood and sleep. Therefore, when your brain chemicals are well connected and functioning, it’ll indeed keep your brain more active and develop cognition.

Although, before you go and purchase a therapy device for yourself, make sure you talk to an expert first as he will be the perfect therapy device and medication for your case.


5. Improve Your Blood Pressure And Sugar

It’s a widespread condition among mid-aged people to develop high blood pressure. And this uncontrolled blood pressure can indeed turn out to be a problem. 

Therefore, it’s essential that you keep yourself healthy and cut down any bad habits like alcohol (or just drink twice a day if necessary), smoking, and unnecessary over-thinking. 

Even diabetes is also one of the significant factors in developing dementia. Therefore, it’s a must for you to have complete control over your blood sugar. Make sure you eat a proper meal and do exercise regularly.

But yet if you see your diet is not working, it’s necessary to seek your doctor’s attention and include medications in your diet. 


6.Bad Cholesterol Needs To Cut Down

Bad cholesterol can be one of the threatening reasons for developing cardiac diseases and dementia. 

In order to keep a fit body and mind, you must stay away from bad cholesterol. Follow a proper diet, call for weight loss control, and also avoid consuming tobacco. 

Keeping all these exercises in regular practice will indeed help you keep stable cholesterol levels. But yet if you still face problems, don’t delay in consulting your doctor. 


7. Look After Your Emotions

Your cognition can be badly affected by sleep deprivation, stress, or anxiety!

In many research studies, it has been found that people who remain stressed or are a night-owl tend to score less in cognitive tests. 

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That’s not all; when you are unable to have control over your emotions, there are chances that you might end up getting depressed or stressed. 

And therefore, as your age increases, these stress and outburst of emotions can indeed have a setback over your cognitions. 

There are cases where people have been suffering from mental instability due to intensive stresses and unnecessary emotional setbacks. 

When you see such emotional outbursts or mood swings, make sure to seek a professional’s assistance. 


8. Protect Your Head At All Cost

Your head might have a strong skull to protect the brain. But intense impacts or even an impact on delicate spots on your head can indeed have a detrimental effect on your brain. 

But that’s not the entire story!

Even inevitable accidents can end up damaging the functioning ability of your brain. For instance, you are riding a motorbike, and you also have your helmet on! And unfortunately, you ran into an accident, and there was a massive blow on your head. 

Despite having your helmet on, there are chances that you might end up losing some cognitive abilities. 

There were many cases where it was found that many cognitive disabilities were recorded due to severe head impacts. 

Therefore, you must be careful to protect your head at all costs. Never try something that might have a significant effect on your strong yet delicate brain!


9. Social Networks Are Needed

We are all “social birds,”; And we need people around us!

The social networks you have around you play an essential role in keeping you and your mind active

Even social interactions and ties can prevent you from developing dementia or any other mental disorders. 

The reason is, when you have interactions with your society (unless it’s not an ugly fight or argument), you’ll tend to develop low blood pressure, less stress, and a longer life expectancy as well.  

Therefore, make sure that you have a good bonding with your neighbors and society. Also, try to speak with a smile when you are interacting, as smiling helps to release stress!!

I hope this article will help you know all the nuts and bolts about keeping your brain more active and healthy!